Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Boxing Day

Christmas eve went well, I do believe fun was had by most. I didn't take any pictures except of Isaac falling into an exhausted slumber under the plant. The most popular gift during our annual 'dirty santa' game (and by that I mean the one stolen the most) was a bag of Seattle's Best Creme Brulee coffee and some lottery tickets (thanks Martha). We ended up with it, so we are 4 dollars richer and had a great cup of coffee in the early Christmas morning opening up the gifts Santa left us. For some more pictures of Christmas Eve check out Martha's Blog . She seems to be the neighborhood's resident photographer.

Jake was super anxious to get us downstairs to see what was brought. Zac got distracted by the cocoa krispies and had to have a couple bowls before he could really get into the spirit of opening his presents. Both were happy that they received what they asked for. After a nice breakfast with Jason's family, we pretty much stayed in our jammies all day, played scrabble and watched movies. Wonderful laid back kind of Christmas and after having quite a few lovely people over the night before it was very welcome!
The boys getting ready to watch Spy Kids 3-D....the coveted gift from Zac's list.


Martha said...

Aw how sweet, a Zac Attack recharging his batteries! I could sense he was tired when all the other kids were off playing, he was quietly sitting in the family room doing legos.

And just so you know, our scratch off ticket that I got for Dom: we won't a whopping $1!!!!! But even still, the anticipation of "what if" is rather fun, isn't it?

Are you ready for phase 2 of the storm? The pantry is restocked and so I think I"m all set..at least materialistically. Emotionally: so not ready for more snow.

Martha said...

Ugh, that should read we won.
It was supposed to go in his stocking but I had it sitting on the counter and P-man noticed it. I knew I'd be asking for trouble if that same ticket showed up in a stocking the next morning.
We're at that stage were the little things start to get noticed. (and next step will be the questioning)

Martha said...

I give up, second post should be where. Trust me, I did go to college and yes, English is my first language. But one should not type comments until the entire pot of creme brule coffee has been enjoyed/consummed.

tz said...

I skimmed over the mistakes...didn't even notice til you pointed them out...hahaha, I was an english major and have horrible grammar and spelling...but I've decided to see it as a sign of creativity....and i'm sticking to that!

not ready for the storm...i'm hoping that they're anticipating more than will come and we'll just get a few flakes...oh kind of like my family..hahaha

Gina Grace said...

Love the 3D glass shot featuring matching pajamas... so cute!

Forgot to tell you that when viewing some trip to Spain video footage with my family, we all agreed that Zac was just too cute and hilarious, but my mom said it best when referring to Jake as "such an adORABLE creature!" No, not a boy, not even a kid, a creature.

Colleen Dobson said...

haha - I just got all jealous - WOW! TZ got 5 comments - I've never gotten 5 comments!

Zach is cute and hilarious - even when he's asleep under a plant.