Thursday, December 07, 2006

Teacher Presents

The Room Moms
Me, Aimee and KendraThe finished project, I'm so proud
It says:
"Hands down you're the best, 1st grade class 06-07"
Not the best picture, some of the other kids took better pictures, but then it's my blog isn't it, so it's my kid that's on it.

I am so happy with the way Jake's teacher, Mr. Kampling's Christmas present turned out. It was quite the challenge to try and figure out what to get a guy teacher and still be sentimental and something the kids would enjoy doing. So the other room moms and I (there are three of us, Aimee, the boss and her honchos, me and Kendra) thought up --- ok stole off the Internet --- the idea of putting the kids hand prints on a camping chair. Mr. Kampling likes camping so that even made it that more cool of an idea. We worked on it in the library today, only one child was absent so it was a good turn out. The kids'll give it to him on the day of their holiday party.

Ok, I'm a geek. I admit it


Martha said...

Ok, we're some lame-os in the other class. Looks cool!
Ah, I see your alpha mom shining through now that you're feeling better. :)

Colleen Dobson said...

OH, what a bunch of Alpha Moms!. . . I mean, great idea! i think he'll love it. (He'd better, or he'll have a pack of Alphas after him!)

Martha said...

Yep, watch they come...alpha moms. Hear them roar...

tz said...

i know i know, i don't want to be an alpha though not even a sure...not as much pressure still get stuff done...i need help i really do