Saturday, October 07, 2006


The house is painted, the house is painted! woo hoo. I'll post pictures after the trip, because there's still a strip of blue that will be gone when we replace our gutters later on in October.

The house is pretty much clean too, wow, I should go on trips more often.

Two more days and I have yet to go over to the 'dark side'. Denial is really a wonderful thing, I'm thinking of writing a book on the benefits of denial --- frankly I think it could be a best seller.

Father in law's visit went fine. The kids were thrilled to spend time with him, it was too short, but maybe next time we won't have this 'our house is being painted and we're leaving for Spain in a couple of days' kind of energy when he visits. We do need to plan a trip out there...but I'm thinking some recovery time from this trip needs to happen before I even start planning.....

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Martha said...

Oh no: just about EVERY trip I plan gets planned in the first weeks after the first trip: before the high wears off. Hubby says I'm insane but if I wait too long, I'd never want to leave home again.

Happy Trails to you!