Monday, October 16, 2006

And we walked some more

We started the day at a Cafe, seems to be a theme here. The boys had hot chocolate that was so thick they needed to use their spoons. Perfect for dipping fresh Churros. Jason and I stuck with our Cafe Con Leche.
While we sat there (it was an outside one) friends of my parents came by and would sit for a bit, have their own cafe con leches and talk, exaggerated hand movements and passionate voices. I assumed, since they were speaking in Spanish, it must have been a rousing debate on politics, but they were just discussing the weather. After a couple hours we hopped on the bus and went to the light house. It's the oldest working one in the world. It's called the Tower of Hercules. The sight is reputed to be where Hercules fought a giant and the tower was built on his head. The name of the town La Coruna is named for the first woman to inhabit the area, her name was cruna.
At the base of the light house there are a bunch of catecombs, from there we climbed 234 steps to the top to an incredible view of the city and sea. The tower was originally built in the second century and then remodeled in the 18th century. It's not like the old light houses (and comparatively I guess not really THAT old) on the East Coast where you look up a spiral and see the top. In this one there are three separate spirals to the top so you can't see to the very top from the bottom.
Outside the light house there's a huge rusted 'horn' that if you stand under you're supposed to beable to hear the ocean that much better. We weren't sure how it worked. Then a bit more walking we came across an old Moorish cemetery and a replica Celtic ruin (we get to see real ones later this week). Then we went to another cafe for some drinks, i had cafe con leche, the kids sprite, my mom a vermouth and gin and the rest Galician Beer. Then we walked around SOME MORE and had some ice cream before we came back home and had a late dinner, Picadillo, a Cuban dish, not a Spanish one, that my mother made (my brother's favorite).

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Jay said...

Well, it's nice that you were able to get Jake off of the wine and back onto sprite.