Thursday, October 12, 2006

We walked and walked and walked

One of us was a bit 'pooped' after a day of walking and sight-seeing. He couldn't even eat his dinner....but he did wake up for chocolate pudding later.
Today we ventured out a little further then the couple blocks of my parents' apartment. We went through the older section of town passing an ancient Roman aqueduct and finally made it to the Aquarium. It was beautiful walk along the Sea of Cantabrico (ok, could be spelling this incorrectly).
The kids and Jason walked along the beach and my parents and I walked along the boardwalk. The aquarium was very nice. Mostly the view of the Sea was breathtaking.
We then took a trolley to an older section of town and visited the Plaza de Maria Pita. Jason thought maybe, Maria was mad at her husband for leaving the toilet seat down and murdered him (his words), but really the statue was representing her saving La Coruna at one time.
According to my mother, the people here are very nationalistic about their regions. We're in Galicia right now, the people here are called Gallegos. They seem to be pretty stern until you get to know them. The rest of Spain tell Gallego jokes like we, in a less enlightened time, told Polish jokes.
Andalusians, are apparently the funny ones and the barista at my mom's favorite hangout said she was once told by an Andalusian, 'your mother must have been a fine baker because you are one nice bon bon' and then he took down his pants and mooned her. Interesting'pick up' custom.

Some bad news. My brother and sister-in-law are being delayed a day because her purse was stolen as they were checking out of the hotel. The credit card was canceled but they couldn't get to the Embassy today because I guess it's Columbus day and they were closed. A lot of Spanish places are closed today because they're are celebrating the Virgin Pilar today. So well wishes from all of you that Gina is able to get her passport and she and Jose can make it here soon.


Martha said...

Awesome picture of my Zac Attack recharging his batteries! :)
Looks like you are continuing to have a grand time...and I'm so happy to see YOU in a couple of the photos. Bummer about Gina and the passport. Hope everything gets taken care of them so they can get back to enjoying their "shore leave".

Martha said...

Forgive my shouldn't comment before coffee has had a chance to fully kick in. Instead of them, I meant to type soon.

tz said...

well don't look too closely at the blog because i'm sure there's a ton of typos there!