Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I bought all the travel size stuff and today will pack up our 'dob' kits and the boys back packs (which I will then have to hide so they don't go through them and play with all the stuff that they are going to play with on the plane). And I'm doing the laundry... but will still have do more laundry before I pack....we just don't have that type of wardrobe where we can have a weeks worth of clothes packed and a weeks worth to wear while waiting.

I'm finding myself very stressed out today....hmmmm. Am having some kids and moms over for coffee and cake this afternoon and some nice 'connecting' time with other adults and hope to feel rejuvenated to beable to plod along with my 'to do list'. Oh and hubby is home so not only do I have a 'to do' I also have a 'honey do' list running. I'm so glad he's already committed to me because If we were dating NOW and he saw how crazy I get BEFORE a trip he wouldn't marry me.

I'm totally rambling with out purpose here...but it's five more days and I feel a bit like panicking!


ColleenO said...

What you said about yourselves and your credit cards is true! Thanks for taking the time for coffee today - although I barely got to stop by, and my kids and husband managed to really hack me off, I had 15 minutes of mostly me time.

Don't forget your camera!!!

Martha said...

Yeah, thanks for coffee. YOu know, I realized Hubby and I were a right match when we were dating and took trips together: he's as nervous of a traveler as I am (well, not so much in the planning part).
It will all come together....and you'll have a marvelous time!