Saturday, October 14, 2006

They Made It

Gina and Jose made it in to La Coruna, a little weary but here and my mother and step dad were so happy to see them. We ate again at that restaurant with the garbanzo bean and pig stomach stew called Callo (cayo) apparently a Galician delicacy...blek. But we did mention it to Gina and she was able to order only the garbanzo beans, much to the disappointment of Jose and Papi.

Jason also had the great fortune to try a pig's ear. It still had hair on it, although it would have been a fantastic photo opportunity I'm glad I didn't get to witness it. Jake tried some wine and really liked it, hmmmm, should I be worried?
We pretty much took it easy today, I went back to the apartment to study and take my stats test, Jason took the kids to the beach to build sandcastles and stick their fingers in sea anenomies and Jose, Gina, and my parents walked around a bit and apparently drank a lot. Welcome to the family Gina Tomorrow we'll start again with some more sight seeing and of course spending time with family. Until then here are some more pictures from the last couple of days.


Martha said...

Hmmm: and to think when I FIRST met you I thought you didn't drink! And Carol and I giggled that well, even if you were a tea-totaler, you were just way cool and we'd be your friend none the less.

And now, look at all that hooch flowing freely...even letting the ninos drinks!

Cool just doesn't begin to express my gratitude in realizing you and your people are a bunch of lushes! :)

ColleenO said...

Are you kidding? Tracey even drinks mojito's made with Scotch! She's no tea-totaler!

Taking a stats test on vacation. you are dedicated! Well, we are missing you here, keep the photo's coming to tide us over.

Jan said...

Hi Tracy, I was enjoying just being a passive observer reading about your trip and comments from friends but the Scotch Mojito's made me laugh. Yuck! And not to worry about Jake, Caroline's first representational drawing was a great wine bottle. Proud parents we were (it really was a great drawing and looks oh so good in her scrap book Ha!).
Looks like everyone is having the time of their lives. What great memories you are making. And thanks for sharing your trip with us.

Martha said...

Yeah, Jan is joining in our running commentary! Hi Jan, it is me, Miles' mom (although...shhh...on the blog he's got a code name, Thing Two).