Thursday, October 19, 2006

And we ate some more.....

Yesterday we went a bit inland to visit the city Lugo and the Celtic castro (village) near there.
It's a great example of one of their little towns and there's a museum near it, One of Jose's cousins met us there and gave us a tour. There was wild saffron, which kind of looks like a small crocus, chestnuts, which are in the spiky outer container that you twist w/ your feet then kick the chestnuts out of the shell so you don't hurt your fingers. Spanish moss hanging off the trees and a holly bush, neat plant life. The kids collected a ton of chestnuts and later made a necklace out of them.

This 'castro' was surrounded by a wall that has since been covered in dirt and looks like a perfectly round grassy slope. The small round huts were Celtic but the square ones were thought to have a Roman influence. After the Celtic ruins we went to Lugo,, it is was one of the only cities with the Roman wall completely intact. There we had lunch with Maria Belen, her mother in law and her husband, Jose Ramon. And oh my gosh did she cook, it started with pasta salad, empanadas filled with tuna and muscles. Then chicken soup, then eggs and ham covered with homemade picante (but here it's like a spaghetti sauce) then she served us arroz con pollo, spanish style, not so much cuban style but it was still very good. We finished it with a cheese tart and peach cream (I managed to get the recipe for both). Although we could barely move we took a walk into the walled city, we went into this beautiful cathedral, of course I forgot the name, but they have some type of service there 24/7, even if it's just saying the rosary. We even walked by a very stern priest waiting to take a confession, not sure how welcoming he was, I certainly didn't feel any desire to tell that guy my sins because I'm pretty sure he would want me to pay a pretty harsh penance.

We managed a little shopping and Maria Belen's sister-in-law's shop where she sells all sorts of cool touristy things. One of which is a Iberian witch called a 'meiga'. The shop is three stories high, but each story is only the size of my dining room but in the windows she places all these meigas and stars and fairies and it looks like a little magical wonderland, very inviting. Today we're going to take it easy....Tomorrow Santiago.

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Martha said...

Stop with the enticing photos! I want to skip my "tours of obligation" to go visit family and head straight to Europe.

Seriously, looks and sounds like ya'll are having a wonderful time. Be sure to continue to savor every little detail. For boring old home will still be here when you get back...