Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We're BACK

The trip home pretty uneventful and it was so great to see our home and crawl into our own beds! Today we're pretty much just lounging around in our pajamas and doing a TON of laundry the vacation is officially OVER....and before I go on I just want to say what fabulous friends I have! We came home to a scrapbook of pictures and comments taken from our blog...Martha you are incredible...oh and home made cookies. Thanks to neighbor kids Ryan and Austin for taking such good care of the house!
We were unable to update the blog in Madrid due to a very slow connection (high tech hotel, not so high tech...) off and on in the next couple of days I'll get on and finish posting pictures of our trip. It was pretty great and if anyone wants a European destination, I highly suggest Spain. Amazingly rich in culture and history, not quite as touristy as other more traveled areas of the continent and one of the only places that at one time, Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together in harmony and in these troubled times I take such peace in that. If it happened once it could happen again.


Martha said... you think she'd notice if I added to that pile? What's a few more pair of blue jeans and boy clothes?

Welcome Home...and glad you enjoyed your suprise!

ColleenO said...

Viva la Con Leche! Welcome back!