Friday, October 13, 2006

Ciudad Vieja (The Old City)

Zac getting a drink.
Stopping at yet another cafe, we seem to need a stop every couple of hours for a 'cafe con leche' to pick us up.

Today we delved further into the city and walked around the oldest section. On our way there, we saw an old building for grain storage, the roman numerals dated it 1588. The legs have these round disks at the top so that rodents couldn't climb up them into the structure. At one time Coruna was a walled in city and a portion of that wall is still in existence.

We saw a church, Colegiata de Santa Maria del Campo, it dates back to the late 13th, early 14th century.It stood outside the city walls and was the church for sailors' and traders' guilds. We stopped by the Jardin de San Carlos. It's where John Moore who fought Napolean under Wellington was killed and later buried. It was originally a defensive castle outside the city walls (14th century), over the years in was abandoned and in the 18th century it became a garden and monument to John Moore. We also visited the Plaza de Azcarraga. It was the original 'town square' where people gathered, sold grain, and the town halls surrounded it. All in all a good day. We saw a lot, ate a lot and walked a lot, can't ask for much more!


ColleenO said...

WOW!!! Spain is way cooler than Vail - we should have gone there! =)I love the various napping positions of the guapos! You are all excellent campers - I know, because I had several character building hours in the car with my little campers - back and forth - but add them all together and you don't get anywhere near 29! (And you still have to come home!)
Pea green with envy; send more pictures please. Buy the way, how does the blogspot know that your in spain?. . . I don't understand.

ColleenO said...

so, where's the new pictures? your not relaxing are you? chop chop!