Thursday, October 26, 2006

Two loads to go

My laundry is almost finished....BUT my computer is broken and Jason's car is broken (sheesh, welcome home, right) and we just spent all this money in Spain and painting our house...AHHHHHH. Jason didn't have any more room on his computer (the one that I'm now on) sooo no pictures of Spain for awhile. His car is at the shop now and hopefully my computer will go to the shop tomorrow. And I will be homebound and computer-less as Jason has to take my car and his computer to work. Maybe it's God's way of making me do my homework and finish unpacking.

Oh, two corrections on previous blogs...(thanks mom) Carino is not 'heart' it's 'love' and agua diente is spelled aguar diente...

Oh and back to Martha's really cool gift, my other friends (one called her supernatural in an email) and I want to be Martha when we grow up....Again I can't say how much I loved it....In her blog she called it MTC- operation---(make tracey cry)....Let's just say it was an aptly named operation and a bright spot with the whole car and computer thing...Thanks again

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Martha said...

The only problem I see with your being me when you grow up, is that
1. You probably couldn't pull off the Faux blonde as well as I do.
2. You don't gossip nearly enough to pass muster!
3. Drinking: well, suffice to say your report card would probably say Needs Improvement.

Just kidding of course. Honestly, it was a blast pulling off Operation MTC and really was a rather easy task. (trust me, part of being a Martha is making things LOOK more challenging then they really are!