Friday, October 27, 2006

What fun!

The kids first day back and school and we get major snow and me with out a car. So, good friend, Colleen, played hookey from work (none of her students made it in) and she took the kids to school in the car (major gripe they didn't make it a snow day or even do a delay start and it was pretty bad out there) Then we picked the kids up early and took them sledding. Although my back hurt from shoveling and taking very high steps through the snow in snow boots (couldn't they make them less clunky and more stylish????)

I had a great day and hopefully so did the kids. We finished it with a round of hot chocolate.
And we got Jason's car fixed and it should be good to go for another 6 months at which point we'll be getting a new's time to put his 89 Honda to rest.


Martha said...

Looks like fun. of course, yesterday I was scheduled to work intersession. And wouldn't ya know it: 2/3 of the kids made it in so off I went.

But, when I finished around 1, I went into the school and checked them out. Had a couple discussions with assorted staff, and that's when I decided to start my complain campaign. the district doesn't care about their employees who complain, but I was told they like to keep us parents happy. Good to wear two hats sometimes, eh?

Gina Grace said...

Wow! Looks like a winter wonderland! I just got home to DC and I'm too tired to unpack or even go through the mail... all I can do is comment on your blog :) Will leave the unpacking and organizing and begin transitioning into reality tomorrow. Right now its about 4:30 AM Madrid time, which means I've officially be up for over 24 hours, as your brother and I had a 4AM wake up call to get to his flight on time (yeah... I was supposed to leave yesterday but missed my flight. Gotta love stand-by travel...)

Lisaopolis said...

First a trip to Spain and then snow? Could that be any more PARADISE to a child? Wow....! Looks fun!

Oh my, Miss "G" missed her flight? I'm gonna have fun with this one...;)

tz said...

glad you made it back gina...and a missed flight equals an extra day with hubby...maybe a good thing! i'll leave the teasing to your sister, but maybe i'll send my brother something good...hmmm