Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More cafes, churches, family and walking

Yesterday we went to Carino (soft Spanish n at the end) which means heart. It's wear the Atlantic Ocean and the Sea of Cantaberra meet. It's also wear my step father's family is from and his father is buried. So we had lunch with his cousins. Lunch wasn't expected but we kept saying 'no' but then she would ask why...'por que' and we would try to answer, then she would say 'por que' I finally figured out there is no answer we could give her, everyone else realized there was no answer to give her so we ate lunch. I think that stereo typical 'Jewish mother' learned it from the Spanish, my goodness. After a long lunch and another trip to a cafe (our third by 3pm) we drove around the very picturesque mountainous sea-viewing countryside. We came across this great village, San Andres. In the 1700 they built this church there. There was no town or roads there at that time, they brought everything by boat to build it and the church overlooks the Sea and has this beautiful view. No one knows why they built the church there. People had to walk for miles in the Mountains to get there, but faith is a curious and wonderful thing and people made the pilgrimages. Since then they've built a small town around it, but there was something reverent about the town, like the whole town was the church. We spoke quietly and walked slowly. Every detail was just the quintessential small European town, along with an old man sitting at a doorway, a fisherman in the big rubber boots and a dog following him walking up the path and a woman in a stained white apron and printed dress sweeping out the dust from the house into the street. It was an experience as well as a wonderful cultural view.


Lisaopolis said...

Yay, Gina lives! Of course, she is not updating as nicely as you are, but I'll give her a bad time about that later, and besides, she can still play that 'newlywed' card, haha. Your boys are SO cute, by the way, oh my. Love the newsy updates and the great photos, I'll keep checking in. Say hi to everyone from me. LISA

ColleenO said...

ooh - very beautiful - there just isn't alot of quaint to go around in the U.S. is there? Europeans used it all up apparently.

tz said...

Hi lisa, I'll tell Gina you said 'hi' thanks for checking in and I'll always hear compliments on how cute the boys are!