Monday, October 16, 2006

Laid back kind of day, Espana style

(my brother, looking very European)
We started out the day in another cafe for some cafe con leche, and hot chocolate for the kids, I know, very surprising, then we hung out at home, snacking on cheese and bread. When we finally ventured out we were caught in a down pour and popped into another cafe/bar, they have these places every third or fourth shop. All pretty small, sometimes packed sometimes we have the place to ourselves. In this particular case, we had the place to ourselves, as other people in Spain seem to have the sense to stay inside during the rain....So here the adults (except me) tried this drink called, agua diente (I'm not quite sure of the spelling) it's like a 56% alcohol drink.
And apparently a bootlegged drink, so we won't be looking for it at the duty free shop. The bar keep took Jose, Jose and Jason into the back to show them where he 'stores' it, he stores it in a wine barrel, since it's bootlegged and he's not supposed to have it, I felt very 1920 speak easy for a bit.....I've been talking a lot about booze lately, but "when you are in Rome"... Then we wandered around a bit and played in a playground for the kids, and when I say kids, I mean Jason and little Jose too. At the observatory, there's this huge granite stone, I forgot what it weighs, but because it's in a base of water you can move it pretty easily, so we had turns moving it. It's a physics thing.
Then we walked around some more, had some pizza, Argentinean style and finished the evening at a Cafe, shocking. Today we're off to another town.


Martha said...

Great photo essay yet again! I like how your strong brave hubby takes on the brother in a the battle of the bootlegged hooch. He who fights terrorists looks like that was some pretty strong stuff. While he who looks like a terrorist is saying "bring it on, baby!".

Just so you don't feel so bad: we're supposed to get white stuff tonight...enjoy the reality that it is just rain AND that there are so many cafes to choose from (I remember that oh so well from our trip to Italy. They need to incorporate that feature out here in Suburbia don't ya think?)

ColleenO said...

Bread - cheese - wine, cafe's in the morning, cafes in the evening. . . I'd make a good european! AND, I'm looking forward to your return, to try a con leche. Maybe you can start your own "le con leche league" back here. hahaha - remember the scary "you must breast feed until your baby is 3" ladies? Only, obviously, the con leche league would be much better. COOL stuff - are you already plotting your scrapbook? Don't forget to turn your camera sideways - at least every 1 in 4 pictures!