Monday, March 31, 2008

catching up

yes, he's wearing pj's, it was a special treat for his class..

Jake got an award for character (yeah, I'm surprised too). I asked him why he got it, he answered, "I have no idea, mom".
I have my first night clinical tonight. I tried napping but couldn't, instead I paid bills and it's going to be one long 12 hour shift, ending tomorrow at 7 am...yikes. I've been uber busy, we've been working on the house, we're almost done with the upstairs hallway and next will be Isaac's room. I've been studying and doing clinicals. I'm not sure how I feel about this clinical. I was so excited about Labor and Delivery...but was sadly let down a bit. I have to stew about it a bit to figure out if that's really where I want to be....more on that later.
I don't have much to I'll leave you with some kiddy funnies (well, at least I think so).
Easter Sunday:
I tell the kiddos to get dressed. I went upstairs to check on Isaac's progress (he really does live in a world all his own). He has his sweater on, his shirtis unbuttoned and on the outside of his sweater; he has nothing else on (I mean, NOTHING) and he's happily playing legos. I ask him..."are you ready", thinking this would spur him to finish dressing and he says "yes".
Jake, was ready, properly dressed and looking very cute (if I do say so myself) and I ask him why can't he dress like that all the time, and he says, "then I'd be a mama's boy."
Wish me luck on tonight, oh and on my test on Wednesday (think good thoughts of the A kind for me around 8:30 am MST on Wednesday)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Decorating Easter Eggs

Yeah, the cousins just do goofy things and make each other laugh
Dobson Girls joined in the fun...notice the Christmas cups I used for the dye...I'm sure there's some type of symbolism there....but I'm too tired to explore's just what I had around....
It is IMPOSSIBLE to get all five of these kiddos to pose for the camera at the same time...sheesh.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday -- a photo essay of Jake's New Room


Jake and I tie-dyed the duvet cover ourselves....

Antique snow shoes on Ebay...woo hoo... for a fraction of the cost of the ones I wanted to get at the cool antique place on I-70 by Genesse (should have known better...I mean like you can find anything inexpensive in Genesse)

oooh, snowboard from Ebay too...Gawd, I love Ebay.


Notice, Jason is doing all the job was to tell him what I wanted...hahaha, JK, I painted. I'm just not allowed to use power tools...Something about not measuring one time and multiple holes in the wall...sheesh, some people carry a grudge.
I know, no more guest room, I'm quite sad...but Gina....don't you and Jose cancel your trip out here...we'll stick Jake back in the top bunk and let you guys sleep here....

Oh, oops, I guess this wasn't so wordless, was it....

Monday, March 17, 2008

hubby auction

Did anyone else hear that Scarlett Johansson was auctioned off for a 20 minute meet and greet to a lucky bidder who paid 40K. So I'm thinking, I'd auction off dear hubby (pictured above...really, his hair and body -- NOT). Now, I'm not as kind to donate the money to charity because I really really want a new kitchen. He's a great guy, some of his better qualities are:

Standing behind you when you are doing something and telling you you're doing it incorrectly.
He snores....loudly
Has some seriously bad morning breath

(okay, really he's the best hubby a gal like me could ask for...but I didn't want you all to get too jealous or anything....)

Email me with your bids and the highest bidder can get 20 minute meet and greet with my hubby.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's time for a letter...

Dear Teenaged driver in the brand new Volkswagon Jetta,

I am so sorry that you turned left while I was turning right. You may want to review that driving rule book you probably didn't actually read before you took your driving test you probably barely passed. And by the way, speeding up to cut me off because you wanted the outermost lane that I appropriately turned into, is NOT a good idea when you are ONE block away from a know, where CHILDREN will be walking. I realize that you most likely are over privileged (I'm assuming you didn't pay for brand new Jetta yourself) and my mom-mobile may be offensive and you probably didn't know that I would share my lane with you and therefor thought you had to take it, like the spoiled brat that you appear to be. What I don't understand is why you had to lift your hand out the sun roof of your very cool black Jetta and flip me off (by the way, another note from the rule book, hands at the 10 and 2 position, there are no exceptions for flipping people off). I hadn't honked at you, I didn't even raise my hands in the What the H... position, I'm assuming it was the screeching of my tires that was horribly offensive to your ears that prompted the gesture...and by the way, let me remind you dear Jetta driver, there were CHILDREN in the area.

Someone who wishes I knew your mother and would tell her what you did and if she's not the overindulgent woman I guess her to be, she'd revoke your privileges until you learned some manners.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm so excited...

I really think that part of the fun of the vacation is planning the vacation. We decided to take a week this summer and go visit my brother and his bride in D.C. We're going to take the first part of the week and go to Williamsburg where we will stay at this fun place and then we may head here for a day. I also booked a ghost tour of Williamsburg for one night. We are going to have so much fun! I just wish I didn't have to wait months to enjoy it.

And...for our 16th anniversary coming up (shut up we were CHILDREN when we got married) we're thinking of driving down to this cool spa for the weekend --what do you guys think? Nice getaway?

I have spring break this week and Jason took it off so we CAN WORK ON THE HOUSE! And that's ever so exciting for me. If we actually complete something, I will post pictures.

I am also supremely excited that Scott, a professed Republican, may be inching toward the left a bit. Now, if only my husband would start thinking more clearly...oh I mean, more like me.

I am not excited about daylight saving. I am normally not a person who is late but yesterday we missed church and today I spaced my dental appointment. You can take a survey about daylight saving and read some entertaining parenting/relationship stuff from the Dad's perspective here.

But back to being excited...I LOVE my OB class. To the point where I've been tinkering around with the idea of Jason going and getting his vasectomy reversed. And the great guy that he is, would agree to it (even though it's painful and needles are involved..what a guy). But then again, I'm almost 40 (yikes), in nursing school and my boys are getting older....but if I was 100% guaranteed a girl...well then this decision would be so much easier...

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Slept in until 6:30 am and it was FABULOUS!

That's right, no clinicals this weekend. And I've done's been GREAT! I'm even (shhhh, don't tell) going to ditch Church. I took my final on Friday and got an 82 (boo hoo) and this was after serious studying...the funny thing, I actually got all the ECG readings correct and that was the part I thought where I would do the most poorly. So, with that 82 I averaged 83 on all the test scores (remember I was high on one of those...flexeril -- not so great for test taking) but my class work and clinicals bumped me up and so I am squeeking by with a B (the scale is 85-92 for a b). We did lose four students with that last test--I'm tellin' you, it's not that easy. Speaking of finished up classes and grades....congratulations to Colleeno on the A + in a MASTER"S level teaching course -- not easy to do with two little ones, a job and a hubby working all sorts of strange hours. Even being surrounded by such brilliance in my neighborhood, I'm still pretty darn happy with my painfully earned B.

I start OB/Peds next week. For which, I am uber excited! I want to be a Labor and Delivery nurse and so this'll be right up my alley.