Monday, October 24, 2011

An autumn day

I love autumn! It's my favorite season.  It's been unseasonably warm here in Denver, seriously, we had our windows open yesterday.  Thankfully (and most of my friends may be upset with me), we are going to get some snow this week!  This past weekend we went to nick's garden center to get some pumpkins and roasted chilies. We've been doing this for the last few years.

If he can lift it and carry it, he can have it...this one wasn't it.

He actually got this one on to the cart and into the trunk.  Strong kiddo.
Same rule.

oh my gosh they're getting so tall.  Not sure how many more years we'll have left doing this.  I had to bribe them with candy to do this this year.

My car still smells like roasted chilies.

Our cart was so heavy!

Another fun halloween/autumn thing we do, is booing the neighborhood.  We leave a little bag of goodies on neighbors' porches and then 'ding dong ditch'.  The kids have a blast....didn't have to bribe them to do this one.

Jack's been guarding  our porch.  I wanted to dress him up in a Bronco's shirt with a sign that said 'will sit here until the Broncos when the Super Bowl' but Jason was afraid our house would be egged.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yay Isaac

Isaac had a karate tournament today and he got second place in sparring and first on his Kata....go Isaac!

 Here's Jake, not wanting his picture taken, probably because his outfit is so strange. Seriously, dress socks, athletic shorts, down vest and camo knit hat?  I just had to keep chanting, "pick my battles, pick my battles...."
 Isaac and another boy sparring
 2nd Place
 Look, Jason got an award for texting (I crack myself up)
 Introducing himself to the judges

 1st Place! who hoo (so the group is 9-12 year olds, Isaac's one of the youngest--he's going to be so tall!)
 yeah baby
Isaac and Sensei Emily

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.