Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When a Tree Falls, Make a Lamp (it's totally a saying!)

 So last spring we saw some pretty heavy winds and guess what of our neighbor's ended up in our yard? (ugh don't look to close at the actual yard, this is one of the last things we have to finish with the money pit we call our home).  Our fence was fine, the neighbors came and cleared the tree out of our yard and all was fine.

But then that next morning I was watching HGTV (surprised, anyone?) AND Sarah's house, the beach cottage edition was on and guess what she was doing? She was making lamps out of a Birch tree she had to cut down.


and Brilliant!

So I sent Jason out there to cut some pieces out of the Aspen (with the okay of our neighbors)

 I sprayed them with some polyurethane, bought the lamp kits and let them dry.
 Jason drilled a big hole through them -- he had to buy a new drill bit.  We have an understanding, I give him projects to do, he gets to buy stuff for said projects. This drill bit had something special about it, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was. Just know you need a big bit -- Jason likes big bits and he can not lie (hahaha, I amuse myself, greatly).

 He 'screwed' in the light holder and gorilla glued it in to stabilize it. He loves, loves gorilla glue -- almost as much as he likes duct tape. At first he wasn't going to scrape the excess glue off because as he puts it, the lamp shade would cover it up.

I gave him a look.
 And so the glue is scraped off. So then he wired them. Then realized he needed to add another part and had to take the wires out and wire again.
 We put felt on the bottom.
 Drilled a hole in the side to meet up with the main hole and the cord comes out here.
 All finished....whoot
 The other one
 And all together now----ahhhh, look how cute our dog is...
 So -- back to the neighbors -- it was their tree after all and they were pretty upset they lost the tree so we made them a lamp too
They liked it.

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