Thursday, August 30, 2007

More pictures

Woke up at midnight in a panic....Bills haven't been paid, house is a mess and homework and reading no where near I'll post pictures of Brother and Sister-in-law's very pretty wedding.....oh and pictures of the boys, looking ever so adorable in their blazers.

Don't they look just so happy! They wrote their own vows and said beautiful words to each other, people cried and laughed and celebrated their commitment to each other.

Next is a series of my youngest dancing up a storm....he had a blast! John Travolta eat your heart out, you have some competition.

And some more pictures....

Nothing beats the whole military aspect for photo opportunities...well except the prettiness of the bride....

Father of the groom and highschool buddies of the groom.

Mami and Papi....they are so happy for my brother!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dodi's meme

So Dodi sent me a Meme....and I'll play even though, really I just DID one, but here it goes.....List 8 things about yourself and one of them UNTRUE and people get to guess out there which was is untrue.....

1. I am not adopted, I'm really related to my crazy family.
2. I married my high school sweet heart.
3. I did not graduate from high school.
4. If I had to do it all over again, I would have gotten my degree in interior design.
5. I am a procrastinator (thus writing on my blog instead of homework or cleaning).
6. I have a secret crush on Donald Trump. "You're Fired" just gives me the chills.
7. I'm really scared about doing IV's and Catheters.
8. I never had to work hard for A's the first go around and now I'm working really hard for B's.

Now Dodi never said when we give up the untruth...maybe we don't?

Now...and you know you had it coming because I think you've tagged me a couple of times....and it's okay if you wait til you feel like it and I do know I'm doing it at my own risk....but, yes I'm tagging youValiens and Amanda but realized when I went there to copy her URL she already did this one...OK UMMMMostly True Stories and anyone else who would like to join in.....
Super funny blog that may be offensive to most with children, but made me laugh....I'm assuming she's joking???

Learned how to take blood pressure yesterday. Everyone in my section of the lab raised their hands, ever so perfectly, when asked who has done this before. I was the only one who did not raise her hand in best student fashion. So the teacher pulled me aside to practice on her, stethoscope, tubes, little balls to pump up air and me with only two hands, sweating and bright red in embarrassment because I had the valve open and couldn't pump up the cuff...then I pumped it too hard and got it above 220 and she grimaced....lots of 'I'm so sorry"'s later, I finally got her blood pressure, then we took mine, 150/102....yeah, I did feel like passing out.

But the good news is I did get lots of practice in, and let lots of people practice on me...then came home and practiced on hubby.....and now that I finally know how to juggle the stuff, I'm feeling better at it and it's kind of cool to hear that first heart beat sound.

We also took patient histories....I played a newly divorced after 6 months of marriage 56 year old who smokes two packs a day. My partner played a 20 something who drinks vodka daily and has had 10 partners over the last year. We had to write up possible educational scenarios and diagnosis for each other...that was kind of fun.......and my partner was gooood, she even got all angry at me when I asked the questions so I had to learn how to diffuse.....Hopefully, those many many years of various customer service positions will come in handy.

Feeling so over my head in this! But then, if I already knew it all, I'd be a nurse already and not in school to become one...right? right?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I predict from dodi and a meme from valiens

From Dodi's blog
I Predict

My friend sent me an email that we were supposed to fill in with our answer and then pass it on. Well, most of my friends (all what? 4 friends that I have?) usually hate to get these kinds of emails - and I do too. So, I thought I'd blog it. If you want to also blog it - the more the merrier.

(side note here, I do think Dodi has more then four friends!)

1. I predict that my parents will move to Colorado from Spain within the next 6 months to a year and my step dad's brother, will also move here from NC and within a year my brother will leave bartending in Miami and make the move too.

2. I predict that the fake-reality show of the Cavemen from the GEICO commercials will not make it.

3. I predict that even after taking out the mutant Cat Tails that I did NOT plant but are taking over, I will have to continue to do so for a couple years until they are completely eradicated. How the heck did I get those to grow in the semi-arid environment of Colorado is anyone's guess.

4. I predict that the Big Love Finale tomorrow will want me wanting more and I will be very anxious until the new season starts. I predict Bill helps Roman regain his power and Albi is put back in his place.

What do you predict?

Now, the MEME from Valiens 10 things you love about yourself....sheesh, I think this may be hard to do, but suspect important to do once in awhile.

1. I love that I can laugh at myself.
2. I love that I'm a middle of the road kinda gal and can see both sides of an issue and want to see both sides, but still have an opinion.
3. I love that I'm starting nursing school and taking on a challenge like this, particularly because I'm not one to take on challenges...I'm too afraid of failing.
4. I love that I am able to pick out some great friends.
5. I really love my sense of humor.
6. I love how Jason and I are together (most of the time, there are times when I do a lot of eye rolling)....I love that we finish each other's thoughts, that if something is funny we can look at each other and laugh, that he's analytical and that I use intuition and even after 22 years of being together and 15 years of marriage he still questions 'why' I know.
7. I love that I can laugh with the kids and that they are developing a great sense of humor (can you see a theme here). I LOVE it when I can make them laugh.
8. I love that the kids say they love me more then the stars themselves....even if they sometimes are ornery, I know that they are learning the capacity for love.
9. I'm pretty good at decorating.
10. I love that I'm accepting of many different types of people....even though my choices seem quite conservative and suburban, I enjoy many different cultures and ideas.

OK....if this looks interesting to anyone else, do it and let me know so I can read it on your blog.

Finally, More Pictures

The Rehearsal Dinner
I can't even begin to describe how perfect Gina's uncle's house and land are. It was one of the most picturesque places ever. And a perfect place for a gathering. Wonderfully relaxing, food was good, atmosphere beautiful, people warm and welcoming. We didn't get a lot of pictures because we let the kids have the camera and they went wild playing photographer. It was part of our grand plan to keep them away from the river bordering the back yard where the party was. Beautiful, but a bit freaky for a mother with two very curious boys.
The happy couple
Mom and sister Leyni, (the boys call her Aunt Nini)
Oh joy another reminder of how I need to DIET
oh, wait this isn't about me...
from the top, bride, groom, me, hubby
character in the middle, brother, Luis
my parent and leyni

Isaac having fun with his 'tio'

Museum of Flight, Boeing Jason and his co-captain Jake
Aunt Nini and Isaac, boy he did not like it.
Backwards and upside down...what a ride!

We went to this sushi place in Belleview where they just have everything on different colored plates on a conveyor belt and you pick off what you want. At the end they count up your plates and each color plate is worth a different amount.

Monday, August 20, 2007

the first day

I had my first day of Nursing Fundamentals lab. It was so fun, ok, sounds weird but we learned how to wash our hands -- which is our very first "signed off" procedure. restrain a patient and gown up. Also heard an OSHA and HIPPA, if you're caught giving out confidential info it could cost up to 250k and/or 10 years in prison -- that sucks. When I went to the book store a couple of weeks ago they said not to worry that there would be books left etc etc....well guess who didn't get the fundamentals book because the last one was sold out this morning....yup -- ME. See, I should have had them overnight it to me in Seattle....people don't get it but it's reasons like this that I'M, AT TIMES, A CONTROL FREAK. I special ordered the book. Here's where it gets really neat though, the teacher gave me her book and work book (homework due next Monday) and I just need to give hers back when I get mine. How cool is that?

Jason's on his way home, so once he loads the pictures on to this computer from his, I'll upload them.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Because I can't sleep

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 6.9
Mind: 6.3
Body: 3.6
Spirit: 6.8
Friends/Family: 6.9
Love: 9.1
Finance: 6.3
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

I found this on
Scott's Blog (just added to my blog roll, because he too is going to be a nursing student...Someone else with whom to commiserate)

Ooh, I guess besides my unhealthy body image--I'm happy--go figure. Of course I don't think I have an unhealthy body image, just a realistic one....I think I'd be in denial if I said how hot I was....hahaha. Ok...I should get points for laughing at myself.

we're back

We got back tonight...I flew alone with the kiddos and the really heavy suitcase that cost us an extra 50$ because it was too heavy. Note to self, kids are old enough for their own roller bags and instead of one gargantuan one we will all have our own smaller ones. Couple stupid things...I totally forgot to inform the school that Jake would be out...had a couple calls on my messages...woops. Thankfully, his teachers knew. Secondly, my computer is on restart mode, not shut off mode, so we thought we were turning it off it restarted and has been on for over a week straight...yikes! It's an OLD relic computer too, maybe 5 years old or so. Poor old man. Cross your fingers that when I turn it off tonight it comes back on tomorrow.

The wedding was fantastic. We downloaded the pictures to the laptop which is with Jason in Chicago, thus the flying alone with two kiddos and heavy suitcase (for which, I do believe, I should get a cookie). So will post in a couple of days. Isaac danced like a maniac and had his own little posse of twenty something ladies trying to improve his moves and dancing with him. I overheard more then once 'how adorable Jose's nephews where' --- yeah yeah, it's my blog, I will brag if I want to.

So....things get said at weddings, when family meets own dear brother, guilty of one insert foot moment, the bride's father another....I found them both pretty darn funny, so will share them....

My brother....says something to the effect, 'yes, three sisters and only one married (his new wife) can you believe it? This said, by the way, in front of the other sisters....hope they're gracious ladies! Having met them I think they are.

Bride's father afters speaking of his own belief that he himself 'married up' mentioned that he also thought Jose married up....said in front of my mother, step father, me and Jose.....Jose agreed, my mother looked puzzled....and then looking at bride's dad's face when he realized what he had just said was the most hysterical thing ever. Everybody laughed, no one felt bad because it was so obviously not meant in the manner it was presented...but ya had to be there.

But really, the families, I thought, seemed to get along just fine, everyone seemed to have a great time. I certainly enjoyed myself. You really couldn't ask for your brother to be married into a more gracious warm hearted family.....

so more later.

maybe a lot later because.....drum roll....TOMORROW IS MY FIRST DAY OF NURSING SCHOOL.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pike Street Market, The Aquarium and The Space Needle

Wow, we had a busy day yesterday. We started out with a Starbucks, I mean we are in the right city for it. Headed into town and our first stop was Pikes Market. My brother met us there. Oh my gosh the colors were fantastic. Tons of street musicians. Lots of fish markets. One has this Monk fish tied to a rope with a sign that says be careful it's still alive and when a kid comes near it someone in the back pulls it, the kids go wild. We missed the fish throwing. We had lunch at Lowell's and got to sit near a window where we could see the Sound and the San Juans. Life just couldn't be better then at that moment. Walked around, saw the Original Starbucks and paid homage but ended up buying Turkish Coffee and Turkish Delights down the street. I bought a nice water color from a street vendor. Turns out it was a commercial artist, Kim Drew but I like it. It was a particularly festive time in the Market because they were celebrating their 100 year anniversary.

The Aquarium was pretty cool. They had lots of interactive stuff for the kids and we spent tons of time petting starfish, sea cucumbers and other slimy creatures. The petting area was the kids favorite, mine were the seals and otters.

After the Aquarium, we headed off to the Space Needle for dinner (save your pennies, sheesh). It was amazing though. My grandad had told us he was able to go during the world fair for which it was built. The restaurant turns completely every 47 minutes so you get to see all of Seattle. It was a clear day and we got a great view of Mt. Rainier. A fourteener looks a lot more impressive when the base is at sea level.

And because it wasn't like we hadn't had that much fun we finished the day riding the Ferris wheel and taking the monorail back to our car. And because we promised (foolish parents that we are) the kids got to swim at 9 at night before falling into an exhausted slumber.

I have no idea what we'll do today. But it must, must start with coffee.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Sunrise on the Columbia
Blurry Barge on the Columbia

This is the view from my Grandad's deck. Life is rough isn't it? We got up had breakfast with my aunt, uncle and grandad then hit the road for a good four hours and visited our friends in Spokane. A correction from what I said before, they had met Isaac but he was a baby. They have a great house and made us a fantastic lunch and gave us typical NW types gifts, huckleberry syrup and pancake mix (can't wait to try it) and huckleberry beer, which was quite tasty! After lunch we got into the car for another five hours and headed to the hotel in Issequah (just East? of Seattle) where we'll be staying for a few days before heading off to the small town where the wedding will be. We stopped off at one of those WE SELL ANTIQUES AND FRESH FRUIT places (yeah, I don't get it either?) and Jake bought a humongo jaw breaker, his whole face was pretty much green by the time we made it to Issequah.

My uncle's prize winning pumpkin? We'll see, if it is we can say we knew it when.
Jason and I fantasized about buying a Peach Orchard and building a bed and breakfast somewhere along the Columbia or in Western Washington. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the stresses of his job, I could work a couple days a week in a rural hospital. It was quite fun fantasizing in the car. Not much else to do for four hours --- but being the realistic people we are, it probably won't happen....but it sure sounds fun!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


We're visiting my Grandad this weekend in
Wishram, WA a tiny little railroad town off of the Columbia river. My granddad built this beautiful house with an awesome view. The neighbors have a pool and a rope swing and let the boys come over and swim, they had a blast.

Earlier today we went to the ice caves. These are near Mt. Adams and it's a scenic drive up the Columbia River and then through some quaint small towns and then the forest. You go down these wooden stairs that go into the ground and you can feel the blast of cold air about half way down. We don't have a sophisticated enough camera to take pictures of the ice formations, but it was pretty cool. At the turn of the century the people in the area would come take big chunks of ice out of this cave for refrigeration purposes. The caves are left over lava tubes from the dormant volcanoes that make up the Cascades.

We also hiked up a bit to see some natural bridges, also formed by lava. It was truly beautiful, but it was hard to enjoy the scenery when every time one of the boys stumbled I would be afraid they would plummet down the rocky depths of the exposed lava tubes. I would love to come back and really explore when we had some more time....and bubble wrap in which to wrap the kids.

Tomorrow we're off to Spokane to visit a friend of mine. We've actually been friends since Jr. High. I haven't seen her or her husband in a few years so we're very excited to see their house and have lunch with them. They've never met Isaac and Jake was a toddler when they last saw him. After lunch with the Kim and Ken we'll head back up to Seattle.