Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Don't fall over, I'm back....

I finished my last presentation for my very last class ---- woo hoo. Now I just have to pass boards and I'm an RN (this should happen sometime in June). I have to say, although I received the education promised, this was one of the most soul-crushing, ego-busting, miserable two years of my life.


So....cute story about one of the kiddos....

Don't know why we started in on this conversation (and really, as parents don't we often wonder how some conversations came to be?) but the boys were asking Jason and I why sisters and brothers can't get married.
I said, "because it's illegal."
Jake asked, "why?"
I said, "because it's gross and nasty."
Jake said, "Mom, picking your boogers is gross and nasty, but that's not illegal."

hahaha -- very true, but I wasn't ready to get into a genetics lesson with the nine year old.

Have a great day!