Sunday, October 28, 2007

ooooh, scary

Well we've reached that age...gone are the cutsie Halloween decorations. I'm pretty sure Jake may have a future in set design. Last night I took a break from studying and we carved pumpkins, roasted pumpkin seeds and all around had a nice family night. Small confession was so hard for me to let son #1 'design' his own pumpkin....I so wanted to take over and make everything just 'right'....I really need to get over that or he's going to be one stifled little kid (bad mommy---add it to my tater tot serving, tooth fairy forgetting list!)
Wish me luck on my test and my check-off's tomorrow!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

whine whine whine

OK, I know I said I wasn't going to blog for awhile and I do have a Pharm test tomorrow on vitamins, anticoagulants and blood transfusions, but I just need to UNLOAD....

My day starts like this...
ok, well let me first back track....I amazed myself with organizational bliss earlier this week when I, not only, made a menu of fabulously healthy dinners (okay not yesterday, but the rest of the week), I even did the shopping for said dinners and pre-pureed some veggies to 'hide' in said dinners (an aside here, did you see Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld talk about her sneaking veggies into her kids food....can I just say, I'VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR AWHILE NOW, but ok, I'll give her she did give me some good ideas about how to sneak veggies in other areas other then spaghetti sauce and chili)

Anyhow, this morning, woke up at five, put away some dishes, made some coffee, watched the weather (78--woo hoo) and started prepping the crock pot for tonight's meal and I had a half a head of lettuce in my crisper rather then 1/2 a head of cabbage AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. So I had to make a 630am run to the grocery store for some cabbage.....I was in a line of people buying donuts and bagels and me with my head of cabbage (rolling eyes right now).

Get kids to school, put dog into dog run....and by the way, it's muddy and hubby, nicely put stepping stones from patio to dog run, but to fit his gait not I ended up slipping and sliding in the fun....changed shoes, got in the car and realized forgot my notes. Went back home, got my notes, got back in the car and headed to school (40 minute drive for me).

The lecture today...Grieving. I held it together during hospice care, during helping a young dying mother choose the caregiver for her children and then totally and completely lost it when we started talking about the death of a baby and miscarriage (ummm, yes, part of the club no woman wants to be a part of). I think the teacher said something about the first time you DON'T hear the heart beat and I pretty much put my head on the desk for the rest of that lecture and sniffled through a mini package of kleenix...hope there's not much on our test about that. I wasn't alone. Come on a group of women going into nursing, probably the most concentrated gathering of empathetic people in the school during a lecture on grieving, there really isn't going to be many dry eyes.

Hubby offers to take son #1 to his soccer game (thank you hubby) I get home, only to find out the kids haven't even been picked up yet and soccer game starts in 5 minutes. I go pick up kids, get soccer stuff ready, snack made, hubby shows in room, I kept my mouth shut (one point for me). Again...AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

I am going to take an advil, watch Ugly Betty and Gray's Anatomy (if I can stay up long enough). Then I will wake up ridiculously early and study for my 8:15 test on anticoagulants and hope to heaven tomorrow is a better day.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fabio, Eat your Heart Out....

You ain't got nothin' on Jason.....

I'm overwhelmed and can't even seem to blog....ahhhhhh

so I will leave you with the picture I am trying to get next to my name....and thank you scott for the directions..when I finish my next three tests, my check-offs on catheters and NG tubes oh and tracheotomy care...I'll try it out...did I mention I was overwhelmed

and speaking of catheters....our class has decided that the woman who volunteered for the skills movie had to have been a porn star....everything was a bit too purty, if you know what I mean.'s the picture...and stay tuned in about a week I will start posting again...but I'll always have time to procrastinate enough to check out all of your blogs...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Do I have to put a title in? I can't think of anything clever....not that any of my other titles are very's there looking at me, this blank box that MUST be filled in.... Don't I sound OCD.

ok, I digress, but can I digress when I haven't even started writing about anything?

Really, the point of my post is DO NOT watch Premonition on the day your husband leaves for a business trip. I tried so hard not to dissolve into a gooey mess, but no such luck...I ended up crying in that big gulping sob ugly way (umm, how do starlets just tear up and look ever so delicate, and I look, well like a drag queen from a very bad docudrama). I tried to call hubby but got his voice mail. Made me cry more! Thankfully, had a brief moment of sanity and decided NOT to leave a message because really who is not going to freak when they hear their wife crying on the other end and who isn't going to get mad when they find out it's because the wife just watched a movie that was really really sad because it involved a dead husband.

By the way, the movie wasn't even that great! Maybe I'm hormonal...I better go check the calender and hide the chocolate.

Two very cute blogs that I just added to my blog roll...thanks Dodi for turning me on to the QC report She's even writing a real book and everything. And This gal won a contest on Chased By Children and I can see why, she's very funny. If I lived in her area I would throw jelly beans at the powerful bald gay guy (oh you so want to read her post now don't you).

So happy this week is over!!!! And sorry oh goddesses of motherhood, I will be serving hot dogs and tator tots in front of the TV this evening....I'm that tired. Last Wednesday I was explaining to my friend, Katy, that I was taking the Scarlett O'Hara approach to school "I'll think about it tomorrow" and the Thursday lecture we were learning about anxiety...blah blah blah, really do they need to 'teach' nursing students about anxiety...aren't we living it.... any how, one very effective coping device is to break things down and not look at the whole picture, just get through today and then think about tomorrow tomorrow...and the teacher even referenced Scarlett O'Hara....I MUST be brilliant (bwahahaha, so laughing at myself right now)....anyway, to all those nay-sayers who insist denial is a bad thing I still disagree, it's the only way I'm getting through life right now!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Amazing Maize Maze

After church today we went to the Botanic Gardens' corn maze at Chatlfield. We had a pretty good time. This year Jason didn't take charge in boss-like fashion and insist we follow the map. The kids, instead, took turns deciding which way we would go.

Which way????? This year's maze was soooo much easier then last year's. Sheesh, you'd think the kids could cook up some more enthusiasm about the obviously posed candid shot...
Typical Colorado day, started out nice and sunny and a cold rain storm moved in and I'm about to hunker down under a down comforter for the night....I'm refusing to turn on the heat because I'm not ready to admit that winter is around the corner. It doesn't feel like we got much of an autumn!

Holy cow, look how tall son #1 is...he's only eight and almost to his dad's shoulder.

Oh...came across a fun know from another blog, linked to another one and then there I was laughing away---not knowing how I got there, hmmmm, a bit like life..okay, rambling and seriously making use of run on sentences.... okay okay, here she is...enjoy...Rocks in My Dryer

Thursday, October 04, 2007

my neighborhood, my son, my friend

I love my neighborhood. I've been getting together with a group of women periodically to watch "Big Love" on HBO. We sometimes drink, sometimes don't, sometimes partake in baked goods and we get a bit of a chance to chat it up. Last night, even though the season is over for Big Love, we got together and just chatted. Most of our group blogs (see links below) so we talked a lot of our favorite blogs, we talked about who is doing what to their homes, we talked about our kids. There wasn't a lot of gossip, and certainly not mean gossip. It was pleasant and enjoyable. This is one great group of women. I love them. I can count on them.

Son #1 loved that we were having people over, he organized the kid cookie plate, placed the cookies ever so nicely. He even unloaded the dishwasher, WITHOUT PROMPTING, he pre poured cups of water for the guests and even measured out the water and coffee in my coffee maker for my coffee the next morning. He was adorable. I love him. He and son #2 are my life.

If you've been reading awhile, you know I have these mutant cat tails...THAT I DID NOT MEAN TO PLANT, I BOUGHT the other day there's a package on my door step, I open it up and there's a copper, cat tail torch in first thought was 'Kim" don't know why her name popped into my brain, maybe it's because of her warped sense of humor...(hmm, maybe that's why we've been friends since JR High)...sure enough, I finally found the note, claiming that it would be nice to have a cat tail all year long....ending with a 'hee hee'. So Kim, be glad I don't have time to go find a picture of you from Jr. High, scan it in and post it.....I love her. She makes me laugh.

I am a lucky woman!