Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Damn Drivers....

Dear Lady in the Blue Honda blocking the intersection at the grocery store today,

While I appreciate that you did stop your car to talk on the cell phone while simultaneously consulting a map, could you have done it, say, in a parking spot rather then the entrance to the grocery store parking lot. Me and the 3 cars behind me weren't really thrilled to wait while you got your sh...stuff together. And what was with the honking, did you really think I was going to pass you going against oncoming traffic? And isn't honking really supposed to be reserved for, oh, I don't know, the people who are doing it RIGHT to point out to the idiots that are doing WRONG that they should beware . I should have been honking at you. But whatever, maybe it was opposite day?

Someone who is glad she didn't have ice-cream in the trunk

Monday, September 29, 2008

For Sale...

The boys have out-grown the play set and want a trampoline. They've had a lot of fun out in the back yard playing on this thing. We (as in Jason) repaired, cleaned and restained it. If you know anyone who wants one, we're selling ours. We'll help (we...hahaha, Jason'll help) with the dismantle; getting it home and remantling it is up to you (is remantle a word? it should be if dismantle is one, right?) Unless you're still up for it Mrs. Kravitz, then Jason'll be happy to help Mr. Kravitz.

Yeah..those are weeds in the back ground...our back yard is next summer's project...why did we buy a fixer-upper at the same time I decided to go back to nursing school, have two young kids and a husband who works 60+ hours a week? Oh yeah, I'M INSANE.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I must be stooopid.....

I'm not really and expert on high finance, I mean I can barely balance my checkbook (although I do do it)so bear with me when I ask this really stupid question....

When did bankrupting a company and then having to be bailed out by the government become something you would get millions of dollars worth of bonuses for AND not be punished?

We're writing this big check to make sure our economy stays stable and we all jump on the bandwagon and have emergency meetings right NOW (what? no one knew this was happening? we couldn't have foreseen this?) and we have to make a decision right.this.very.minute about the bail out....and only after some stalling -- which pissed some people off, we concede to limiting executive payouts....but only if.we.make.a.decision.right.this.very.minute. Oh yeah, limiting...that would be government poking their noses in big-business...and why should government do that, I mean, big business is being run by such moral upright people (hey on both sides of the political fence, I want to be fair here, they're not all elephants)....right? Anyway it's more fun to mess with individual rights -- those pesky things that get in the way of running a tight ship.

So ---700 billion to save some companies and our country from financial disaster....but we whine and complain about fiscal responsibility blah blah blah, when someone wants a vote about a bill for oooh, say health coverage (because really we want people with schizophrenia on the streets without meds...I mean really if they wanted the voices to stop, then they could really get them to stop if they just try hard enough); Social services for the elderly and Oh My Gosh...do we really want to be soooo irresponsible to actually give an extra dime to the schools?

Again....I don't claim to understand...I pay my bills, on time, I have some debt (hey I'm in school, the kids have to go to daycare and I'm not working), My husband and I paid HUGE amounts of taxes this year (don't freakin' get me started...we paid taxes on stock that we could not cash in at a value of 20 a share and now they're worth 5 a share and so even if we could cash them in, why bother!) We paid 20% down on our house and didn't get more then we could afford...even when we were told we could afford 200k more (who does that?). We've been putting money in our 401k's since our very first paycheck at our very first jobs out of college.....we have college funds for the kiddos. We give to our church and charities (I know, I know what are we to do with the bleeding hearts like me). I'm liberal (not a dirty word by the way) and because of that I'm fiscally irresponsible?

Again...I guess that's just me being stupid.

Consequences? What are they?
3rd grade teachers who are sued because little joey can't read coming out of high school?

Schools lose money when their test scores are low? Isn't that punishing the victim?

Nurses lose their jobs and pensions and who knows what else when they give a wrong dose of a wrong medicine after taking care of 5 critically ill people, with no break, and a on double 12's (because we're not really in a health care crisis and we have plenty of nurses, doctors, hospital beds to go around -- hope ya'll are healthy).

If you don't pay your mortgage you lose your house.

If you don't pay your bills you have sucky credit.

BUT if you're a CEO and take millions of dollars in bonuses from 2003-2007 even though technically you really aren't making a profit and it's all about to go poof...nothing happens.


Sucks to be the average joe (or josephina).

I'm not bitter or anything, I just DON'T UNDERSTAND.

Here's an idea, stop calling me names or people like me names, and let's all work together and make this country a better place!

I so wish (and I know my conservative brethren, if they haven't already stopped reading by now, are going to gasp) McCain would have picked Lieberman for his running mate. I mean that's seriously putting your money where your mouth is (and not in the pockets of bankrupting execs) when you talk about bi-partisan politics. I could so see how that would bring this country together, we could heal and we could make solid decisions about our economy, the war (ok, I'm not so liberal here -- but that's a different blog entry), about health care etc....

If we just worked together, prayed (in whatever religion you choose) for guidance, got our big fat egos out of our big fat hmmm, well you know -- I think we could make this work...

But, that's that pesky, pie in the sky, hopeful, non-pragmatic liberal in me talking....

Ooooh, sorry honey (yeah, yeah, hubby and I are on opposite sides of the fence, November every four years is a fun month in our house -- and before he gets credit for the financial decisions above...that's my territory...yup, the liberal).

oh you all know you still love me.
And I love you too!
We're all in this together.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WW--I can't believe my baby's SIX

From this....sweet, darling precious bundle to.....

Friday, September 19, 2008


ok, so if you want to know what we Parkview moms were doing with that box check out http://sittinginsilence.blogspot.com/

so excited that she finally got her welcome to the neighborhood package...yes, she's across the ocean but we Parkview bloggers have all adopted her and are slowly trying to convince her to move state-side!

I'm now back in Denver, grandad's funeral was so nice, more importantly it was so nice to reconnect with cousins and my aunt and uncle. There were bitter sweet moments --my grandad is buried next to my grandmother and my father, my great-grandmother, great aunt and another cousin are all in close proximity. It was such a reminder of what our family has lost. I hugged my kiddos a LOT that day.

Now I'm studying for a test coming up this weekend. Wish me luck -- and, yes, I will slowly catch up with all of you!

Thank you for your well-wishes, thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WW-Good Bye Grandpa Al

We'll Miss you

June 1915-September 16, 2008


Friday, September 12, 2008


Benson Cabin, Shrine Pass

Yup, forecast for the mountains, snow. Here on the plains, just a bunch of rain. I LOVE THIS SEASON...seriously, I love rain, I love cloudy days, I love cool breezy weather. Have you heard of Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder (SAD)? It's where you get all gloomy and sad in the winter and happy in the summer. I used to joke around that I had reverse SAD. Well, turns out it's less common but there are people out there who do (just read it in my psych book). That's me! Anyhow, I'm seriously procrastinating writing a paper for my psych clinicals. I had to hang out with a person who has schizoaffective disorder for a couple weeks and then write up a whole paper on him. I had to chat with him before I read his file and when I talked to him, it was this fun conversation about nothing real, since he's totally delusional, but he was clever and nice. Then I read his file and he was there for physically assaulting his last nurse. YIKES. This clinical has really really been a hard one. I feel so awful for these guys, in a different way then the people who are sick with physical ailments. Mostly because there's not much I, personally, can do for them. I think it's a very special person who can be a psych nurse. I am not that person.
Anyhow...we went to Breckenridge last weekend to celebrate Jason's 40th. He's not one for parties and fan fare so this was a perfect way for him to celebrate this new decade of his life. I thought I'd leave you some pictures. And if you want another clue, you'll have to look at my vacay photos...bwahahaha, evil laugh.

View of Holy Cross from the observation deck, off of Shrine Pass. When it snows you're supposed to be able to see a cross in the rock. It's hard to see without the snow though.This deck is actually a very nice hike and wheel chair accessible. It's a new project they're doing, making hiking paths that are available to all.
Isaac had the camera, it was pretty cold and we were huddled together.
Isaac acting crazy...as usual
We took another hike up to Holy Cross City...but it turns out that was a good four hour hike (one way), so we didn't make it. I actually only hiked an hour, went back to the car to study and the boys explored some more. It's a really hard hike, and probably best to have actual hiking shoes, not tennies. Next summer, we'll try that hike first. Holy Cross City is completely abandoned but at one time had 300 people there, a school, church and post office. There's still a bunch of mining equipment left along with the houses and buildings. There were no roads to the town, they had to hike in or use horses.
Let's see, another clue....hmmmm, Across mountains, valleys, rivers and oceans
Oh, alright, I've procrastinated enough...off to write my paper....ugg

Thursday, September 11, 2008

HMMM...hints anyone?

Something to ponder
for persons of yonder

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I've typed like three different things for my title and I just can't think of one....
I have a request of all you who I so enjoy reading...STOP POSTING so that I don't miss anything while I'm stuck studying and taking tests....I was only able to catch up on a couple of you (and I'll catch up with the rest this weekend) but then when I catch up with the others, I'll have to go back and start all over...So, I just need you to post according to MY schedule...I'll post that later.

I totally failed my first math test, but was able to retake it, yay, and got a 90, yay (so now if I am your nurse you can be assured I'll get your medicine dosage right...well at least 90% of the time). Took my first psych test and it was a 92....also yay (however, in nursing school they both equate to B's) Anyhow, my point is, school is starting out okay. Well, at least the academic portion of it...my clinicals? Well, I'm not sure how to even explain it? Except, being on the pysch floor for the past couple weeks makes me realize that my family is most likely more on the eccentric side rather then the crazy side.

I'm so all over the place...but this was cute...Jake was reading a book on myths and he blurts out, "Mom, Jason is a god", I replied, "well, he certainly thinks so" Then Jake goes on to read that Jason fought off lions and Isaac blurts out, "I could totally see dad doing that" and he was serious. I love that both our kids still think we're still cool, smart and fun....I'm not looking forward to when we are idiots to them.

And, we have another 40th birthday in the household..Jason's FORTY today. Happy birthday honey...I love you and believe you can fight off lions too.