Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The boys and I were watching TV (it's disturbing how many times I start out with that line, but we can discuss my parenting another time) and we saw a boy pinch a girl's behind. I gasped, looked at it as a learning opportunity and told the boys that that was disrespectful (thankfully they didn't point out that daddy does that to mommy all the time) and that girls really really didn't like that and it could end up getting them slapped.

So Isaac says, "yeah, well boys REALLY like it"

hmmm, can't argue with that.

Monday, December 29, 2008

What have I been doing....

Well I would love to have pictures to go with my post but my computer is down and I'm so totally frustrated with it right now! So I'll have to add pictures later....and maybe, just maybe I can talk hubby into a very cool Apple laptop I spied today...I mean it would be my environmental duty to purchase it, it's mercury free and recycled and a bunch of other good 'green' stuff...and it's CUTE, but I digress....

I had my annual ornament exchange party and it was FUN FUN FUN, I'm so glad I did it. Twenty-nine lovely ladies came by, we talked, we ate, we made bawdy jokes. I so love my friends, my neighborhood friends, my dear friends from the past, my new friends. They are all a lovely bunch of women and I'm blessed they are all in my life (even the ones that couldn't make it).

Then a couple days after that, I had about another thirty people over for Christmas Eve. I didn't do a traditional dinner (seriously, I'm just a little insane, not out of this world Martha Stewart insane). I made up three different types of chili (green, meat and vegetarian), threw them in crock pots, had some fixin's and let people munch at their leisure. It was a mix of family and friends and we ended it with a Dirty Santa gift exchange (where you can steal a gift or take one from under the tree). Our friend's sister was visiting from England and she has decided to single handedly introduce this tradition across the 'pond'.

Christmas day was spent in our PJ's the kiddos were supremely happy with Santa's visit. Jason and I loved our gifts from each other. More importantly we had a good time in each other's company. We trudged down the block to my sister-in-law's in our PJ's for a nice Christmas breakfast, came home, played games and then my brother and sister in law visiting from Seattle came with my parents and we visited and munched on leftovers....very satisfying.

So I can't say we've been doing anything exciting, or anything really worth writing or reading about but for me it has been a beautiful week with family and friends. A reminder of how truly blessed I am.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cookies, cookies and more cookies

These are the cookie platters I'm delivering to the boys' teachers for Christmas. I'm also adding a little gift certificate to Barns and Noble. I never know what to do for the teachers, they deserve so much, but I don't have a lot to give.....
I've been doing some baking....This was one day, I didn't take pictures of day two...just think double what you see here.

Aren't these cute! I made a peppermint cream cheese filling for these guys.

Cranberry shortbread cookies for the cookie exchange party a neighbor is giving this Saturday.

We decorated gingerbread men the other day, and yes, I got a little naughty with one of them (OK, OK, I know I'm a bad influence on my children). So Jason said, "Mommy's mind is in the gutter" and Jake says, "No, YaYa's mind is in the gutter" (that would be Jason's mom----hahahaha) She'll laugh when I tell her....

"No Daddy, I haven't been eating any of the cookies"

my very own goofball! I'm blessed....and I'm not even being sarcastic!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm here! I made it

Jason's Christmas party...I think I'll frame this one and give it to Isaac's first girlfriend....
jeeze, trying to get the kids to smile or be good for the camera is insane....they're really much cuter then the pictures may indicate....

so I finished...and hey I finished with two B's and an A woo hoo! Not bad for someone who was almost failing one of those classes....

I barely had a chance to breath and then caught the stomach a bad bad way....then got a call from the school because Jake threw up on the play ground (yuck, I know). But youth is so wonderful, he was fine that night (actually he was fine after he threw up, but the nurse didn't believe him....and I probably wouldn't have this time crazy school nurse had a point).

I'm now needing to spend a week of baking, cleaning, cooking and shopping...but shall have fun doing it!

and the following...well it's a lesson to Not ask your husband to save you blog draft for you....he might decide to contribute (he's a funny guy, I laugh all the time!)......

Did I mention, my husband ROCKS! He is the most handsome, talented, intelligent and sexy person I know. I worship him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

OMG, kill me now ,Nursing school is hell!

I was thinking about just repeating...Dec 9th over and over, that's when I'm done, that's when I'll have a month of freedom that's when I can burn my Pharm book and dance around the flames like some Puritan at a book burning of the Scarlet Letter or something....but if I did the repeating of Dec 9th in may be too reminiscent of The Shining where Jack typed 5 million times whatever it was he typed...but it was creepy and I don't want to be creepy....I just want to sleep.
I'm so procrastinating my final project, I've played of facebook, I'm updating here and saying absolutely nothing, I even cleaned off my computer desk top and organized my word files.
I need help!
Anyway......If I can stay sane until Dec. 9th, I'll be a happy camper......