Thursday, September 27, 2007

William Tell Overture for Moms

Enjoy! and thanks Colleen for emailing it, very entertaining! I'm off to a scrapbooking weekend....woo hoo! I'll catch up with all 2 or so of you when I get back! And Martha, please do crash, it's always fun when you do.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

hook line and sinker

He bought it! We were at the dinner table and I told son # 1 that while I was dusting I found something in the living room and he should go look...(puhlease, like I dust, but he didn't find that hard to believe---which is most likely why, at eight, he still believes in the tooth fairy. I did get an eye-roll from hubby though). He came, bouncing,skipping, running back into the kitchen and showed us the note and the 2$ (and, by the way, what's the deal with THAT? I got quarters). He read the note, which I wrote with my left hand so he wouldn't recognize the handwriting, and felt so relieved. Hubby even said, "Come to think of it, I did hear Hannah bark" and I said, "We should leave a note for the tooth fairy the next time she comes and tell her that Hannah is a nice dog and won't bite".

Potential future psychiatrist couch moment diverted...whew.

Thanks Hannah, you really helped us out of a jam!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Confession

Son number 1 lost a tooth and both J and I fell asleep and didn't perform our tooth fairy duties and Eldest Son was pretty despondent when he woke up to find out that the tooth fairy did not visit him.....


So. Putting another dollar into the therapy fund then will go and put glitter on the DOWNSTAIRS window with some money (I usually do glitter from the boys window and all over their pillows -- so they see the fairy dust that the tooth fairy left behind...ok so sometimes I am a good mother) any way, I will also leave a note from the tooth fairy that the dog barked and scared her so she left his stuff there instead of under his pillow and she had gotten enough teeth that night so didn't need anymore and he could keep his.

I hope that works?
I could do it tomorrow, but I don't want him to think he was forgotten.
sigh....parenting is hard, especially when you flake on stuff like this!

Estes Park

Last Sunday we went up to Rocky Mountain National Park, just outside Estes Park. It was beautiful, the weather was perfect, a little overcast, not too hot and the aspen leaves were just turning their brilliant yellow.

goof-balls wouldn't cooperate, so will still have to come up with a Christmas picture.
Ute Trail, above was 40 degrees (74 degrees where we live in the Plains)

We saw some some elk cows hanging out.
Right before going into Estes Park they have this great sign, lots of people stop and take their pictures here. One nice couple asked if I could take their picture, I said no problem and when he handed me their camera he had ARYAN tattood to his arm.....YIKES. I just smiled and took their pictures. I figured it would be a bad time to mention, I'm half Cuban and my husband's family is Jewish. What's weird is they seemed friendly enough. Just normal folk doing some sight seeing. The next couple that asked me to take their picture was Mexican-American couple. We live in a really diverse country. And I for one feel lucky about it.

J thought it pretty darn funny to do stuff that FREAKED me out. I'm not very fond of heights. And some of those mountain roads are SCARY.
After hiking a bit we had lunch in Estes Park at this pizza place who claimed to have Estes Park's #1 Pizza (surprisingly the pizza place down the block and across the street also laid claim to Estes Park's number one pizza). I joked with J and said, we should open a place that said: Estes Park's 6th best pizza, but shorter waiting lines
ok, I am easily amused, particularly by myself.

So this is what we did on Sunday, that and then that evening went over to Colleenos' and celebrated the September birthdays (her oldest, my youngest and another friend's youngest). The kids enjoyed themselves tremendously (she has a trampoline).
J really wanted to take Bionce (his car) on a four wheel drive trail, but we couldn't find one...he'll have to break her in another time (Martha named his new FJ Cruiser Bionce, why? do you ask?...his initials JZ, his car black....get it, get it...I didn't, she actually had to explain it to me---I'm sometimes a dork)
What I should have been doing?
But still got an 88, woo hoo and PASSED MY CHECK OFFS (albeit with some prompting from the forgetting to loop around the wrist restraint through the buckle....oops).

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Colorado gold

This is it, the next two weekends are prime viewing of the Aspen leaves turning gold. I don't know if it's like this in other states that are blessed with four seasons? Or are we Coloradoans a bit obsessed? Who knows, who cares, it's spectacular. We're driving up (to the Mountains...we live in the Plains with a great view of the Mountains, but not quite in the mountains) tomorrow, camera and layers of clothing (prepared for 80 down to 40 degrees F....because we're in Colorado) in hand. I even have darling outfits picked out for the boys (I'm horrible, I know) I'm even willing to listen to a couple hours of whining about boredom...because, just maybe, a small chance, I might actually get a great Christmas Picture out of this....the last two years, the boys looked tortured (ok, so I had them only wear sweaters in the middle of the snow while they clutched each other---but the sweaters were cute AND it was sunny--yes, as I've mentioned before, I do have a therapy fund). So, hopefully, tomorrow I can catch them both smiling, both looking at me, and even have some fantastic glorious Rocky Mountain golden autumn foliage in the background....a girl can dream can't she. Check out the different areas for prime Aspen Viewing Driving/hiking if you're in the area: Channel 7's picks

Bragging: (whatever, it is my blog and I can brag if I want to) 5 year old scored a goal today and 8 year old last Saturday. The 5 year old didn't even remember he did it and the 8 year old was high for a few hours on the excitement...these two are two very different kids.

The funny things kids say: Son#2 and his Grandmother spent the afternoon together at the zoo for his birthday. DH told his mom that son#2 liked Mexican, when she suggested that to him, he said he didn't like Mexican food, the grandmother said that his dad said he did.....son #2 says to his grandmother, about his father...."Your son is a liar". The thing is, he likes Mexican food. He likes it home made, he likes it at 'real' Mexican places, he even likes Taco Bell? Oh well, but it was funny the way he said it to her...not 'my dad' but 'your son'.....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My youngest is 5 woo hoo or boo hoo???

I can't believe it, he's five, five, my baby is five and I'm not ready for it.
Five years ago today, I held him in my arms and looked into his eyes and knew him, I mean knew him down to his soul.....those first few moments when you look into your baby's eyes and see him, really see him, is one of the most glorious moments , EVER. If you could bottle that feeling you'd make millions! And now he's this really funny, loving, active absolutely beautiful little boy and we're so blessed to have him in our lives.

Monday, September 17, 2007


So Dodi had this cool rating thing on her blog (G) and was so amazed because she uses certain....ummm...language that doesn't, well, seem very G-like. I got on, assuming I would also be a G....and this is what I got...hahahaha, if you only knew me this would seem so damn (oh, not G) funny to you too. The reasoning they gave on the website (click on image to take you there) is because of my pregnant crack ho post.
In class today, I ask Jenn, fellow nursing student, when our check offs for lab are (we signed up for the same day). She answers, Monday. I nod.....then say, 'this coming Monday?' She nods yes. I sit a minute and to someone else entirely I exclaim 'check offs are next Monday!' Jenn laughed. I've been in such DENIAL. And get TWO WEEKS I START MY CLINICAL ROTATION....they're actually going to let us loose with real patients and everything (supervised, of course).
excuse me while I go throw up now.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I've always wanted to be a Red Head

I love red hair, envious of those with red mops, particularly the thick curly long ones. I even like the freckles that so often accompany those fiery passionate red locks. So, I was just horrified, in mourning almost, when I read in National Geographic (September 2007 issue) that red heads are becoming extinct (supposedly by 2100)......GASP.

Interesting stats from the article...2% of the world's population are natural red heads, 13% of the population of Scotland are Redheads and in the US we spent 123 million$ on red hair dye in 2006. I am not one of them, because with my obvious Hispanic type looks I'd look like a freak! But my sister, who takes more after the WASPY side of the family, pale white skin and ice blue eyes, would look amazing with red, but she won't let me tell her what to do (and I'm older and everything...sheesh).

For now, I shall be satisfied that a red head married into the family (a purdy one too--see photos below) and maybe I'll get a red headed niece or nephew.

I'm not the only one interested in this little factoid of nonsensical information...I just happened along Chased by children via Dodi's blog and voila...more people blogging about this...who knew?

And just so no one thinks I'm so frivolous...HAHAHA, OK I AM, I KNOW....but there's also a fantastic article about Pakistan in this issue and worth the read.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

a four year old's mind

We're in the car:
8 year old: Boy so and so is going to see Dr. so and so (the school psychologist) because he does weird things, he kind of scares me.

Me: Scare you because he's weird (prepared to give the, 'we are all God's creature's' lecture. )Or does he scare you because you're afraid he's going to hurt you? (Prepared to remind him he took Karate for 2 years and he's allowed to defend himself).

8 year old: He scares me because I'm afraid he's going to hurt me.

before I could respond, 4 year old boy: THEN YOU HURT HIM RIGHT BACK!

oh my.

Another conversation with the four year old:
I forgot his lunch (I know, I know, I have a fund for his therapy for later). The school gave him money for lunch and he was very excited that he got Tater Tots! School is a magical place, isn't it. I write a check the next day so that we can pay back the school and so he can have lunch money on hand on those busy days when lunch is beyond me.....I give him the check:

4 year old: mom, we don't pay for lunch.

me: yes, we do.

4 year old: no, mom you go to this lady at a desk and she gives you money and then you go buy lunch.

me: that's just because you didn't have your lunch yesterday, we have to pay her back and pay for our future lunches.

4 year old: no, mom, you don't understand, THE SCHOOL PAYS FOR THE LUNCH, IT'S FREE!

me: Nothing's free honey, we have to pay for the lunch.

4 year old: (stubborn little s*&t) well we don't pay and I'm not taking the check --- (arms crossed, mind you)

me: in my head......AHHHHHH

I took the check to the before school day care guy and he gave the cafeteria ladies the check for four year old's lunches....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fall is in the AIR!

OOOH, I do believe I just got called a slacker by Colleeno ---it was directed at her blogger friends in general....but I figured I'd get a move on it. Fall is almost here...woo hoo, my favorite season is fall! And yesterday we had a nice taste of what's to come, a bit cloudy, crisply cool. I even had a nice roast (buy one get one free at KS) in the crock pot so when we got in after school yesterday it smelled like fall! Maybe soon I'll even be inspired to make some corn chowder with cheesy garlic bread....ooooh or some squash soup. Ok, so part of Autumn for me is all about the food---anyone surprised? Check out this book onAutumn that my good friend, Shannon, gave me for my birthday (in June, but hey she knows Fall is my favorite). Neat book, all cozy and warm and how to make your home all fallish -- makes me wish I had more time! And there is of course SOCCER....yup, I've joined the league of soccer moms.

The boys got haircuts after their first game.....I promised they could do what they wanted if they didn't complain about it being a bit longer for their Uncle and New Aunt's wedding.....arggg, I so much like it better longish and frumpled. Maybe because THEY HAVE MY EARS!

Alrighty, here are some pictures of some of the 'action' but I have a sucky camera and frankly, not that great of a photographer....Martha, Aimee? want to come to a soccer game...hey wait, Dodi, Colleen, aren't you in the area anyway with your soccer family....come by to one of our fields and take some action shots.....please please.

Ok, second shot I can't even tell if one of the blue guys is one of mine...haha.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

DH and I in a Cartoon....

Found this on gravytrain and it so reminded me of Jason and I on our date nights. We'll whip out his Palm and play scrabble with each other over dinner (Martha has indeed witnessed this when she and her DH bumped into us in a neighborhood restaurant).

We are such GEEKS.

oh, first Pharm test...AN A...doing a cabbage patch dance right now.
fundamentals...a B and I'm trying to be okay about that.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Nursing Diagnosis

Hmmmm not the easiest concept to grasp...well for me, because it's not a medical diagnosis, you can't really say "this guy has diabetes", you can say "this guy has anxiety related to (r/t) to his diagnosis of diabetes, or has a knowledge deficit r/t the new nutritional plan for his newly diagnosed diabetes". Since this is on my test tomorrow I've decided to 'explore this'. Here's what it is definitely not and why:

Pt (patient) is a 26 weeks pregnant skinny crack addicted skank ho who doesn't care about the welfare of her baby.....

ok, here's why it's wrong:
pregnant....medical diagnosis, could read as: Ineffective Denial r/t diagnosis of pregnancy (26 weeks) AEB (as evidenced by) pt denying that she is pregnant and only presented to ER for stomach pain.

skank...a bit of a biased opinion of the nurse...maybe should read: hygiene deficit r/t lack of housing.

skinny...not a professionally nursing type description, it should read: Imbalanced nutrition: Less than body requirements

Ho....nurse has not seen pt exchange sexual favors for crack and/or money, nor has the pt claimed to be a Ho or a prostitute of any kind, again, nurse's biased coming through in the diagnosis.

Crack addicted...only if pt mentioned she partakes in drugs, and again addict is most likely a medical diagnosis, so should read more like: Defensive coping AEB the pt admitted to the use of illegal narcotics for relaxation purposes.

okay, so here how it should read:

Ineffective Denial r/t diagnosis of pregnancy (26 weeks) AEB pt denying that she is pregnant and only presented to ER for stomach pain. Hygiene deficit r/t lack of housing. Imbalanced nutrition: Less than body requirements. Defensive coping AEB the pt admitted to the use of illegal narcotics for relaxation purposes.

I can't decide which one sounds funnier and frankly can't imagine saying EITHER!

So far it's been fun, learned how to move patients today, rolling them, lifting them, transferring them....of course if this had been real I think we may have broken a neck or person started moving before the other counted to three and such...but better learning here with healthy necks then in the hospital.

I have a test tomorrow (on the nursing process, including diagnosis) wish me luck, will need it. I was talking to DH about having a bit of anxiety r/t to knowledge deficit (hahaha) and he said I shouldn't worry about failing....I paused, "I'm not worried about failing, I'm worried about getting a C"

I was serious and he laughed!
the gall

okay, I laughed too as soon as I realized what I had said.
I'd like to say I'm going to go study now, but really since I was up at 4 this morning, I'm going to bed.
sweet dreams!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mutant Cat Tails

All in all a pretty good weekend. Saturday I met with my study group and we studied the 'nursing process' and nursing diagnosis are so very can't just say this person has a cold but you can say how the person 'feels' about having a cold....more on this later when I have a better grasp. Friday night we got a reprieve -- the kiddos were with their aunt and uncle and we went to see stardust. A fantastic movie, particularly if you enjoyed Princess Bride a few years back.....and/or still enjoy Princess Bride. Loved Captain Shakespeare, he was hysterical and if I were younger I'd have a little crush on the main guy, Tristan....oh and pay attention to the names of the princes.....funny funny.....Saturday we took the boys to Mr. Bean's Holiday, they enjoyed it, it was cute, but not overly fond of slapstick kind of humor. Yesterday, we labored....we pulled out half of our mutant cat tails from the side yard...the other half in the front come out next weekend. I split some daisies, gave some away and replanted some others....will be splitting some more daisies next weekend, so any of you in the neighborhood who want some daisies and/or mutant cat tails let me know! The cat tails are almost like aspen with their intertwining connected root and bulb system....I wish my lilies would do that that quickly (which is, by the way, what I thought I was planting when I planted the stupidly mis-marked cat tails!)

Then we went to mom in law's house to celebrate DH's birthday...yup he's finally my age. more year in our 30's. WOW.