Monday, March 23, 2009

My Last Med-Surg Test

It's my last test in this horribly hard class (my last clinical will be this Friday)....I really really need a 94 to get a B....(it's that weird and unfair grading scale where a B is 85-92)....and so, even though I've been super really bad about keeping up with all your blogs and you could say I've been a very bad blog friend (fyi, I've been a pretty bad real-life friend too) it's for a good reason (and seriously if I'm ever your nurse you'll be glad I studied this much)...oh, back to my original thought, even though I've been a bad blog friend, please please, think good thoughts, pray, rub the buddah belly, hug a goddess....whatever floats your boat...that I do well on this test...10 am mountain standard time...okay, back to studying (not that I don't trust the power of prayer, it's just always good to have a back up plan)....

And yes, I know above sentence/paragraph is a run on sentence...for an English major I have horrible grammar and spelling...go figure.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my funny husband.....again

Either my husband is really funny or my horrible housekeeping skills gives him a lot of ammunition or both....but the other day he comes running down the stairs yelling, "Call 9-1-1, call 9-1-1" I didn't even ask why because he sounded so concerned. My finger was on the 9 on the phone when he said, "someone stole all your clothes".....I had spent the day, a day out of my SPRING BREAK mind you, organizing the closet.....I laughed any way---mostly because he was just so proud of himself and he is so darn CUTE.

A couple nights before that report cards came out. He handed me Isaac's (I was doing a 12 at the hospital and so he got to the back packs first that day). I freaked out, it was all about what a problem child he was, how he's not even reading at a kindergarten level (he reads above level by the way) was sooo not what we were expecting...I mean it even said he didn't get along with his classmates or teachers....I was about to explode when Jason said, "look at the name" ---- well no wonder it didn't sound like our child, there was a mix up...whew, but mean Jason for doing that to me....I still laughed, I can't help it, he's so darn cute! This is why I can't really discipline the kids that well either, they're so darn cute, just like their dad. Anyhow...Jason told me that he got to the comment section and even read the other kid's name, and instead of thinking it was another kid, thought it was some strange pet name for Isaac....hahhaha, now that's funny Mr. Smarty Pants. (FYI...Isaac is doing fantastically, he gets along well with others and his teachers, he just can't keep his desk organized....hmmmm, I wonder if he ever cleaned it out if his teacher would yell, 'call 9-1-1).

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I should have gone to design school

Each test is getting progressively worse and I may actually get my first C in a class.....(still above 80% but they have that wonky grading scale and I need to be above 85 for the B). GRRRRR

Okay, enough, just a quick update, thank you for your well wishes! I have to rush to the tutoring center...where by the way I'm the Tutor...hahaha, if those first semesters only knew....but before I leave I thought I'd share with you about my funny husband's phone call this morning:

ring ring
"Hi Jason"
"Hi honey, I don't know why I get on these thought tangents but I just want to apologize for wearing a gray tux with burgundy tie at prom.....I must have looked like such a dork"
"hahahahha, but I still married you, didn't I"
"and thank you for that"

Have a fantastic week everyone...I'm swamped --- clinicals at our local county hospital, where by the way, last week some guy tried to purposely pee on me....really I kid you not!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Test Today

Okay, I have a test today, and I should be studying instead of blogging....but I figured I could implore the 2 of you that read my blog to wish me good luck around 1:30 Mountain Standard Time.....because sometimes it feels like no matter how much I study, I still don't do well (well-- my definition of well)......

That aside...who out there is an avid follower of the HBO series Big Love...well oh my gosh, this season is the best so far, amazingly intense, visually appealing, plots and twists....emotionally gut wrenching....WOW.

Okay, that's it for now -- I seriously have to get back to studying.....