Sunday, October 11, 2009

Note to self.....

DO NOT USE SELF RISING FLOUR WHEN BAKING UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO.....So I grabbed the container with the Self-Rising flour INSTEAD of the regular flour and I still added baking soda (because I thought I was using regular flour) and all of the sudden I hear stuff happening in my oven and peer in to watch the banana bread explode, then sink into itself. UGH. Little bits of dough caught on fire and then the smoke detector went off....there was a haze of smoke collecting on the ceiling of the entire first floor and the house smelled like smoke as did my subsequent baking attempt. Double ugh. I've since cleaned the oven twice and may need to a third time before attempting another baking project.

These are pictures of the banana bread after I got it out of the oven....I wish I was able to catch the fire...but didn't get to the camera fast enough. Note the dough encrusted on the outside of the baking dishes. Seriously had to use some muscle to scrape it off.

On a funnier note....I walked in on the younger one meditating. He was sitting in the lotus position chanting, "Ummmm, I'm so awesommme, Ummmm, I'm so awesommme" It was so funny to see him do that, funnier still was when he then added, "Jake's so not awesommme". Even Jake laughed.