Friday, June 12, 2009

What can anyone possibly fight about after 17 years of marriage? Well Let me tell you....

So now I'm getting Facebook messages that I need to blog (you know who you are and are) so here I am blogging my really stupid argument with my husband this morning. Let me first confess, I may have been a touch cranky.......

Isaac got one of those Happy Meal toy characters from the movie "Night at the Museum" (or whatever that movie is with Ben Stiller). He (Isaac) was playing with it at breakfast and Jason asks, "who is that"?
I say, "I think it may be Amelia Earhart".
He says, "It can't be, look at the plane, it's gotta be one of the Wright brothers". --- and he, as far as I'm concerned, could have added, "you moron, don't you know anything about aviation history" He denies it, but it's really the condescending tone he took.

uh, yes, I am PMSing, why do you ask?

I say, "No, I really think it's Amelia".
He says, "It can't be".

I'm disgusted and leave the room. He later leaves for work.
One of the boys finds the card that goes to the toy and would you look at that, it's AMELIA FREAKIN' EARHART....


So I call him. I was dialing the phone, mumbling something about being right about the stupid McDonald's Happy Meal toy and Jake, the NINE year old asks, in an all too sane voice for my particular taste this morning, "Mom, are you really going to call Dad to say you were right about the toy?"

I say, "yes," in a voice that portrayed an air of dignity, as if to convey this is really how adults behave and I was being EVER SO FREAKIN' MATURE.

Jake just shrugged his shoulders and walked away (smart boy---uh, must take after me).

Jason answers the phone, I tell him we now have proof (proof, get that you engineer....PROOF) that it's Amelia Earhart.

He pauses......and says,
"Well then she was flying one of the Wright brother's planes".