Friday, October 31, 2008

In lieu of

Jake and Isaac got an invitation to a birthday party this weekend. It's with a family I don't know, which isn't a big deal because the party is at one of those fun party bounce houses (ANOTHER business I wish I had thought of...but I digress). Here's my issue. They're requesting that instead of a gift we bring a food donation to their favorite charity. I think the charity thing is a great idea, what a wonderful gift and a great lesson for a child who probably has enough anyway (I'm assuming -- since we live in the burbs in a middle class neighborhood).

Here's my dilemma -- should I still give a gift to the little party girl? I was thinking a birthday card and a gift certificate to one of those girly boutiques where they sell glittery, pink stuff...a good excuse for me to go into one of those stores...since I live in a testosterone dominated house...but would the parents find that offensive? I'll bring a ton of dried food for the charity, but I also want to acknowledge the girl's birthday

so here's my question to you set in concrete are the 'in lieu' of's in a kid's birthday invite?

Monday, October 27, 2008

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Isaac's Debut

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Booing the neighborhood

Our neighborhood has a fun tradition every year around Halloween. We "boo" each other with a bag of goodies. The deal is, you put together a a couple of gift bags of candy, a couple little fun things and a copy of the directions and a ghost...I added a candle, some glow in the dark sticks and Halloween sprinkles. Then you make a copy of a little 'boo' poem with directions (will add full poem below) then you go to houses that don't have a ghost on their windows (to show that they've already been 'booed' and leave the bag of goodies on their porch then ring and's seriously fun for the kiddos....really it's all about the kiddos, I had no fun at all.
Here's the poem:

You have been "Boo'd" !!!!
The air is cool, the season fall.
Soon Halloween will come to all.
Ghosts and goblins, spooks, galore...
Tricky witches at your door.

The spooks are after things to do.
A spook, in fact, brought this "BOO" to you!!!

The excitement comes when friends like you, copy
this note and make it two.
We'll all have smiles upon our faces.
No one will know who has "BOO"ed
whose places!

Just two short days to work your spell.
Keep in secret, hide it well.
Please join the fun, the season's here
So spread the "Boo's" and
Halloween cheer.

Oh and an update on my test...88 woo hoo...seriously I'm going with a B is the new A...hahaha.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

trying not to hyperventilate.....

and this time it's not about my 401K statements.

Test at 1pm today (mountain standard time) so if you have a minute....pray, wish good thoughts, rub buddah's belly...whatever floats your boat...I need all the help I can get to pass my first test in med-surg (medical surgical nursing)'s on fluid and electrolytes, acid base balances, hematology and immunology....

fun stuff

you are sooo jealous, I know.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Isaac Isaac, what am I ever going to do with you?

My second child is so impulsive, I'm not sure if it's the age (just turned 6), his personality (his father's) being a boy? Jake, Isaac and I are just sitting there watching some TV, waiting for the Chinese food to arrive (I was studying all day yesterday, did like 5 million loads of laundry, some dishes and made beds....I WAS NOT GOING TO COOK TOO), and Jason was at the store buying a mouse trap....don't ask. Isaac got up off the couch, went up to his brother and slapped him on the face. (I am such a horrible mother, I'm laughing now, just even thinking of the expressions on both their faces) Jake looked at me with a 'what the heck' expression as I was trying to blurt out Isaac's name in a voice of authority and reprimand (but couldn't because I was laughing too hard). Isaac turned to me with a "I have no idea what I just did face" and all three of us rolled around the floor laughing. Between my giggles I tired to impart that even though I was laughing I was in no way condoning his behavior.

I think he got the message.
Probably not the right one though.

Sigh, parenting is hard, even if it is very very entertaining at times.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jason's so funny sometimes

Let me share:
As some of you know, Jason and I sit on the opposite side of the political fence....which is funny because on most issues we agree, I think we just can't agree on how to get there....anyhow, we were having dinner and were talking about church and politics and how I pretty much keep my mouth shut when we're at church because my political leanings are very much in the minority at the church we attend. Then I said to Jason, "I can tell that I must be doing pretty well keeping my opinions to myself (well at church, not so much here on MY blog) because most people at church assume I'm Republican"

here's where it gets funny:
Jason: Well you look like a Republican?
Me: Uh, I do? How?
Jason: Beautiful and intelligent.

bwahahahaha, made me laugh as much as when he introduced us to other Republicans as "I'm Republican and my wife is just wrong"

It's a good thing I'm a Democrat with a sense of good ol' fashioned self-depreciating humor.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Holy moly, quarterly reports are coming out and did anyone else almost pass out when they got their 401k statements.....oh wait I have to go hyperventilate in a bag again....I'll be right back.

OK, back,
Thank goodness there's still Social Security....

yeah, I crack myself up too...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Conversation with the school nurse

and I wish I was kidding:

Ring Ring
Me: Hello.
School Nurse: This is nurse blah blah, don't worry the kids are fine, I'm just calling about Jake's epi-pen.
Me: OK
School Nurse: I lock up the nurse's station at 3:30 when I go home and DayCare Guy has a key but he's worried about finding Jake's epi-pen during an emergency.
Me: OK, I'll bring an extra one for DayCare Guy.
School Nurse: Oh, Hold on there, you're two steps ahead of me. (what is this? An algebra test, where I have to show all my work?) What I was saying is that it's all locked up, it'll take too long in an emergency to get his epi-pen. (yeah, you just said that, why do you need to say it again?) And DayCare Guy and I were brainstorming about what to do about this situation. The teachers take epi-pens with them on field trips, so we thought maybe we could do something like that.
Me: Uh huh (because, really, I think maybe I'm not actually supposed to come up with a solution)
School Nurse: But then we thought maybe it might be better to have an extra epi-pen for the day care mobile. I know it's expensive (like I'm going to begrudge my child the 45$ for medication that could save his life). But we think it may be a good idea.
Me: So, do you want me to bring in an extra epi-pen?
School Nurse: Yes, don't you think that would be a good idea? (well yes, it's why I said that 5 minutes ago)
Me: Yes, it's no problem, I can do it later this week.
School Nurse: Well there you are jumping steps ahead again (are you freakin' kidding me!) Discuss this with your husband (Discuss it with husband? What? In case he objects to life-saving measures being put in place for his son?) And then decide (What exactly am I to decide here? Should Jake have --- let me say this again --life saving measures -- easily accessible to those who care for him --- hmmm not a hard decision---would any of you out there need a minute to decide this?)

So glad my kids are healthy.

Ms. Martha...seriously consider taking would make the most awesomest school nurse and my kids love you!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Quirky Stuff

Although I was not officially tagged by Ms. Martha, I am still going to play along with her Meme and list off some of quirky things I do. Sadly, unlike Ms. Martha, I had NO problem coming up with six things, as a matter of fact I could have gone on and on.

Number 1. I think Vincent D'Onofrio as the detective in Criminal Intent, Law and Order, is hot. There's something about a really smart, quirky guy that is a real 'turn on'; come on have you met my husband...He's Vincent but shorter, darker and with a beard.
Number 2. I enjoy more the planning rather then the actual execution of said plans.
Number 3. I like to mix mustard and ketsup and dip my fries in it.
Number 4. When I lock any door and put my keys in my bag, I'll reopen my bag and check that the keys I just put in are still there, then I start to close the door, but's.closed I open my bag again to absolutely make sure the keys are in the bag, then I shut the door, but hold my breath, check my bag again and breath a sigh of relief. Periodically, through the day, I'll check for my keys...ok, this is really more OCD then quirky, but we all have our dirty little OCD secrets...(don't we, please say I'm not the only one).
Number 5. Sometimes when the kids are playing nicely I'll scream at the top of my lungs and giggle hysterically while they looked shocked, scared and totally freaked out. They are so going to need therapy.
And, Number 6. When I've done something nice for someone, I'll go buy a lottery ticket, because really, don't I deserve a million dollars for having been so thoughtful to have cooked someone a casserole?
I hope that revealing some of these things haven't completely turned you off from reading my blog.....and if not, please clue the rest of us in on those quirky things you do....Teresa, Chief Rock Chef, Ali and Terri in particular (Danielle got tagged officially by Ms. Martha...but here's another plea to hear what you have to say.)