Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ok, I have a list, that's a start

Yesterday we spent the day waiting in line. Waiting for the valet, because there was no other parking (15 minutes); waiting at the Cheesecake Factory, because Santa was on break, (30 minutes); waiting for Santa (1 hour, 30 minutes); waiting in the Starbucks line (20 minutes); and I wonder why I didn't get anything done except the 30 dollar 5x7 of my boys with Santa, boys with cheesy smiles.....I did get to spend some time with my mom though. Although, she was pretty exhausted after an afternoon with her very active grandsons and was happy to be dropped off.

So my list:
Today, friends over for coffee, I already went shopping at 4:30 this morning for snacks for the kids and the ingredients for a new sweet bread loaf I'm trying out on them.
After they leave,
Clean the upstairs, including the boys bathroom...ugggg
Strip beds and change sheets
Bake gingerbread cookies
make a return to Target and buy my step dad the right present (after a consultation with mom) and he reads the blog so I can't actually say what it is.
Steam clean the carpet, which I should have done last night but was too pooped.
Make dinner (sourdough chicken casserole...new recipe)
Blog at end of day to see if any of these things actually got accomplished...

I should be able to fit some TV watching and bon bon eating in there somewhere.....


Martha said...

Hey, I watched a bit of tv while folding the backlog of laundry. Ellen is rather funny and provides good distraction from the chores at hand!

Hope that we didn't steal ALL of Ms. Colleen's productivity chi!

PS: when you get a chance, don't forget to post some Hannah pics. The girl has gotten TALL!!!!!

tz said...

oh i'm sure i'll be getting lots of pics of her romping in the snow!