Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Sunrise on the Columbia
Blurry Barge on the Columbia

This is the view from my Grandad's deck. Life is rough isn't it? We got up had breakfast with my aunt, uncle and grandad then hit the road for a good four hours and visited our friends in Spokane. A correction from what I said before, they had met Isaac but he was a baby. They have a great house and made us a fantastic lunch and gave us typical NW types gifts, huckleberry syrup and pancake mix (can't wait to try it) and huckleberry beer, which was quite tasty! After lunch we got into the car for another five hours and headed to the hotel in Issequah (just East? of Seattle) where we'll be staying for a few days before heading off to the small town where the wedding will be. We stopped off at one of those WE SELL ANTIQUES AND FRESH FRUIT places (yeah, I don't get it either?) and Jake bought a humongo jaw breaker, his whole face was pretty much green by the time we made it to Issequah.

My uncle's prize winning pumpkin? We'll see, if it is we can say we knew it when.
Jason and I fantasized about buying a Peach Orchard and building a bed and breakfast somewhere along the Columbia or in Western Washington. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the stresses of his job, I could work a couple days a week in a rural hospital. It was quite fun fantasizing in the car. Not much else to do for four hours --- but being the realistic people we are, it probably won't happen....but it sure sounds fun!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a lot of fantasizing... Maybe a blog isn't the best place for that...

Amanda said...

Okay, your Jake must meet my Michael (my oft-mentioned Elder Son).

I think they'd get along like a house afire :)

tz said...

oh and more coincidences amanda, my jake's middle name is michael

Amanda said...

Too cool!

Michael's middle name is Sean (the Gaelic "Shawn"). We obviously went very Irish with his naming.

The Younger Son's name is Nicholas Ethan, aka "Nicky".

His name is very British, but he's totally "Little Nicky" like the movie, LOL.

(okay, so it was a terrible movie, but still...) :)

How old is Jake, if you don't mind sharing? Or you can just e-mail me if you'd rather be more private on it. My e-mail address is on my blog. Michael is 8.

Gina Grace said...

Sounds like the Thorp Fruit and Antique "Mall." A fine place for all of your jaw breaker and candy stick needs!