Saturday, February 02, 2008

woo hoo

Yesterday was awesome....a 94...woo hoo. It's a great feeling when you get to a test, read the questions and actually know you're not guessing (well except for a couple). THEN, I got stopped for speeding and I didn't get a ticket -- ok, so I've actually never gotten a ticket for speeding and I've been stopped a couple of times, Jason HATES that. This time, he didn't even go back to the police car to check my ID, he didn't even ask for insurance and registeration....why? I think because I was in my scrubs. He asked if I was on my way to work, I explained I was a student and going to clinicals. He thanked me for becoming a nurse and tried to talk me out of wanting labor and delivery. When I told some of my fellow students , they told me they've heard that a lot of times medical people get out of tickets...not really a perk they mention in the shiny nursing catalogue at school.....have any of you heard of that?

And I just can't stand it if you think I'm this speeding freak, normally, when I am speeding, it's because I'm unaware, I'm just following traffic. So my fault is in my checked-outedness (which is probably also really bad).

Yeah the time stamp is correct, it's really really early or really really late...but I have to write out all of the information on my patient for this weekend. Lucky me, he's combative.

Anyway...a 94 woo hoo, yay me.

and ps....the spelling check option isn't working, so this post and last post may be full of spelling errors! I know they're full of grammatical errors...but until they get a check for that, I'm out of luck....and to think in my first life I was an English major...bad me.

oh geeze, it's like I can't get away with just being happy about something...ok again, yay me.


Colleen O said...

Ah, the crazy roller coaster life of the nursing student. Bombed one, next thing you know Woo Hoo! It's a good thing about tests, there's alway another one coming.

Maybe I should start wearing scrubs everywhere instead of sweats. Then I could start speeding!

Dodi said...

Congrats on your 94!!!!!!!!!!!! You worked hard for it, and totally deserve to feel this good about yourself. Even the universe is proud of you - hence the lack of a speeding ticket.


Anonymous said...

I agree! 94!! Wahoo!!

Keep up the good work. And if going through all you're going through to become a nurse gets you out of a ticket (or two), I say, "You go, girl!"

Gina Grace said...

Nice work on the test!!

Ahh... Combative patients...

they are probably worse than "non-compliant" patients, huh?

That's actually one of the reasons I was never into working in clinical- you get too used to throwing terms like that around- then you use them in the "real world" and people look at you like you're a some sort of control freak. (seriously, I was never into taking the soft restraints HOME with me or anything...)

I now realize that if I were in the hospital, I'd most likely be combative AND non-compliant :)

But if you were my nurse, I'd be nice to you.