Sunday, August 24, 2008

bits and pieces

My Kid makes me laugh:

The other day I was getting frustrated with the older one because he was futzing around and not getting ready for school soooo, in my perfect patient mommy voice I yelled, "Damn it Jake, get your back pack and get in the car!"

Isaac, quietly, patiently and much more grown up then I was acting, says to me, "Mom, you know Jake doesn't like you to use language like that and has asked you more then once not to say that word."

My husband makes me laugh too:

The other night Jason, feeling amorous nods his head toward the bed, he does it twice, maybe thinking I didn't get his drift.
Well I was not feeling so inclined so I said...'What's with the tic, do you have Tourette's?" He argues and says people with Tourette's don't have tics, I say they do then for some reason we both start twitching and whispering the most foul words we could think of and we broke into the giggles of the rolling on the ground, tears streaming down our cheeks, kind. The kiddos who were in bed but not yet asleep kept asking from their rooms what was so funny. Jason and I yell in unison "NOTHING".

(side note here...I don't mean to sound so un-PC...I understand Tourette's is a very painful disease and I don't mean to make fun of the disease, we were more laughing at the language we were using...and I don't mean to condone that either...okay so really I'm a nice person with a bit of a naughty side)

My other kid might not be ours:

Jake, loves baseball. Hubby's an engineer who did run track in high school but really hasn't done anything sports like since then. I, hmmm, well....I don't like to sweat...and let's just leave it at that. Neither one of us watch sports on TV. We may watch the Superbowl...Jason, so he has something to talk about at work and me because I like the commercials. So, we have no idea how Jake ended up not just loving baseball but also being pretty good at it. This is his first season in kid-pitch little league and it was his first time pitching and he struck out three batters in the first inning....GO JAKE...I hope the sports inclined family who received our kid is enjoying reading books with him.

I didn't plan this weekend so well:

For some reason I loaded up on the entertaining this weekend. I have no idea what I was thinking. We had two couples from church over on Friday night. Lovely people and not of the 'churchy' kind but more of the real people with flaws and can laugh at themselves kind (what a relief!) Last night we had another couple and their boys over. We've known these guys since their youngest (turning 13 in November OMG) since he was a new born. It's amazing that their older one's voice is deeper and he's now taller then his mother.....thank goodness my boys aren't going to get any older because that's just disturbing to see her little boys become men. And tonight we're having my parents, my sister and her two kids, Jason's mom and his sister, brother in law and niece over. I'm going to be one exhausted puppy by my first clinical tomorrow. I think I was trying to get one last weekend of summer before school got into full swing. Oh who knows, I think I was just nuts!

But I did have fun with the menu planning:
Friday: Black beans and rice, Grilled steak, pineapple spears and cucumber, tomato salad, a nice red wine and for dessert, cheesecake squares loaded down with blueberries and coffee (all made by was fun...but again what was I thinking?)
Saturday: Jambalaya (sausage and shrimp..yum), rice salad and ice-cream (dessert and salad proved by our guests)
Tonight...pot luck and we're just grilling hamburgers and hot mom will bring her Flan which will most likely be the only homemade thing here...oh and paper plates all the way!

Oh wait...I was going to do my thankful thing on Sundays....
I'm thankful for having a full life, talented healthy, thoughtful kids who make me laugh. I'm thankful for the means to entertain our family and friends. I'm thankful that I was able to make time in our busy lives to do what's important...hang out with friends and family, put our son in a sport he loves.

Have a great week!


Ali said...

Lol! Isaac sounds like quite the little card already :)

And don't feel bad about the tourette's thing - I'm sure we all realize why it was funny - and if it makes you feel better at ALL, the husband and I do exactly the same kind of stuff all the time :) usually ending up in tears of laughter.

And! That sounds like a busy weekend, hope you enjoyed yourself :)

tz said...

oh yay, I was hoping jason and i aren't the only ones out there..

i should ask you being a gemini and all...what's your hubby's sign? jason's is virgo...we end up doing a lot of eye rolling to each

ganelle said...

I'm a gemini too! My hubby is cancer though. Hmm. I do roll my eyes a lot at him, does that count?

When my kids do that type of Isaac thing, I either find it extremely annoying, or extremely funny. I'm glad you were laughing!

ganelle said...
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ganelle said...

Sorry! I accidently posted twice - so I deleted the second one. But now I'm leaving a third comment just so you know that I left two already...

Sitting In Silence said...

I love those moments where you just laugh and laugh....They say it's great for the soul..


Ali said...

Husband's sign is Aries, which is supposed to be fiery - but he doesn't seem to follow a lot of the Aries "rules".
I'm the one with the quick-temper, and he's very laid back towards me :) but we get each other into laughing fits almost daily :)

Anonymous said...

tz -- I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend! What WERE you thinking? LOL I'm sure you had a great time with all that company, but I see an interesting pattern --for the first group on Friday, EVERYTHING was homemade and by the third group on Sunday, it was potluck and the only thing homemade was brought by Mom! (If I'm ever invited, I'm choosing Friday!)

If you can find the time, I bet a nap would feel really good on Monday!

anymommy said...

That first paragraph made me laugh out loud. It's so much fun when the kids are right! Sorry the test day was a little rough, hopefully next time it will be much smoother sailing.

Ken said...

My kids also like to remind me when I say words I'm not suppose to. Like they are so perfect.

OHN said...

Kids don't let you have a dull moment e.v.e.r.

One of my 3 is also a sport fanatic. I think he would collapse if any of the E.S.P.N. networks were to fold. He lives for sports and like you, I would rather not break a sweat-the mister only sweats when he can't make the double word score.

Anonymous said...

You're FUNNY! I like nice people with a bit of a naughty side, cuz that's what I am too.

And your kids are funny! Do they even know how funny they are?

And your husband... sounds kinda like mine. What's with the little head signal thing? Where's the romance? Where's the backrub and sweet nothings? Just a little head tic? This is what we get after all these years of marriage? Although, I have to admit, if mine participated in the tic/cussing/tourettes routine with me, I MIGHT be inclined.

Rock Chef said...

I'm glad I am not the only one who has kids that correct my language!

Love the head-twitching thing! Sounds like me and my wife!

tz said...

OMG terri you're so right on...I should have said "ah hello, where are my flowers, where are the nice words" he's below a caveman sometimes...a club and some dragging is more romance then I get sometimes...but hey we've been together since we were 16...

Teresa said...

You guys sound like you are super cute together! Chuck is not much for "funny" and I think he doesn't get 1/2 my jokes so it's kinda dull in that respect but the "other" one is not too shabby at all! LOL!!