Sunday, November 02, 2008


1. Failed the test (74---yes that's failing)...arggg, could not have studied a couple phone calls and I'm not alone! I don't even CARE right now as long as I'm still passing the class --well barely, I'm at a 78 and yes, that's barely passing, a 77 is the cut off for failing.

2. Spoke with Jake today, we had some alone time and I asked him what he felt when he was getting together the plates...he said, he just read it and did what the letter told him too and didn't think much else about it. I asked him if his feelings are hurt or he feels sad that I'm back at school and not spending as much time at home. He said, no, we still do fun things and he does things with dad. Then, and get this, he's such a great kid, he asks ME if I'm liking school and I tell him very much and he says that he's glad that I'm happy DON'T YOU JUST LOVE HIM! I DO. He said he hopes he has fun in college too and wondered if there was a college where you could just learn baseball......and then the conversation disintegrated to discussing bodily functions...he is a boy after all.

3. Went to the movies with my family and had a nice dinner with them....test be damned, I wanted to spend time with my family! Glad I did. We saw The City of Ember, it was actually pretty interesting. And very visually interesting.


Rock Chef said...

So you pass the class even though you failed this test? Sounds good enough to me!

Jake sounds great! If only all kids (or adults!) were that caring!

Sitting In Silence said...

Oh TZ....I'm sorry to hear this but if it's any help at all....I remember this study path well....after all it was only 5 minutes ago that I was there....

I gave myself a day every week that I never opened a book or went near the pc. It really helped me look forward to some general time out !

I am one to go into overload really quick and I found that taking a day off helped me unwind heaps.

Good luck xoxo

OHN said...

I am having test anxiety just reading your post!

Once you pass, the actual number grade will fade into the past and it won't matter (at least that is what I always told myself:)

I love that you are talking with your won't believe how important it is for you to let them know they can talk to you about anything. You will be giving them something that is so much more important than a letter grade!

ganelle said...

Love the talk with Jake. See, you are actually setting a great example of learning and educating yourself and all sorts of other good things. And Jake? Well, Jake was just getting some plates for the class party. He's a boy - he's not gonna overthink that one.

Anonymous said...

tz -- I'm sorry. It is so frustrating to not get the grade to match the effort.

I can't remember the exact quote, but when DD was in law school and DIDN'T make straight A's, a lawyer friend of ours said something like, "The law students who make A's usually end up working for the ones who made C's!" I don't know if it's true, but it was certainly reassuring to DD (and her parents!)

Once you pass the stupid classes, you will be great at the job! Just hang in there.

Teresa said...

Oh girl...that sounds like a TON of pressure...but that you are handling it well. Good for you for taking time out for the family time...balance is everything! You can do this!!! :)

terri said...

That is one amazing kid that you have! I can't believe 77 is failing. What happened to grading on the curve?

Colleen O said...

My 73 year old mother still has nightmares about lawschool - so just think, when your 80, and having flashback/nightmares about this class your kids might find it amuzing. =)

That's not what I wanted to say.

You will pass! It may not be the A you would normally get, but you will make it and go on to be a fabulous nurse, and that's what matters.