Thursday, December 09, 2010

retro christmas card ornament - easy peasy

Every year I throw an ornament exchange party (totally stole the idea from someone awhile back....theft really is one of the best forms of flattery). She would make an ornament as a take home gift for all of her guests. I have fond memories when I put those hand made ornaments on my tree each year. Because I steal all her good ideas, I adopted the same practice. This is this year's ornament.

The first step is to look all over for something cute and more importantly, EASY. I found some adorable Seed Packet Ornaments off of a Martha Stewart (of course) ornament website. I wasn't too into the seed packet thing, or the fringey stuff on the side, so I adapted it and I did it my way (FYI, I'm singing that in my head right now).

If you choose to do this guy on your own (I did 40) you will need:
card stock
find (steal) a picture of the Internet or find a retro card somewhere and make copies
fabric glue
glitter (I used the Martha Stewart brand, because it's so fine)
spray glue
hole punch
Rick a Rack
patterned scissors
paper cutter
regular scissors
Cut your card stock in fourths, glue Rick a Rack around the edges with fabric glue

Make color copies of your image, not sure of the size but smaller then 1/4 of the page....I'm very technical - can you tell? Cut them out with patterned scissors (have no idea what they're called, but if you scrapbook you have some).

Glue the retro card on with the spray glue, spray some more glue on the surface and sprinkle some of the glitter all over. Then hole punch two holes at the top.

Find some nice ribbon with wire and cut to size. Feed each end through each hole and knot in the back.

I put them all in a Christmassy basket to pass out as favors as people left the party.

Here's one on my tree.

Et viola...ze fineeshed product.

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