Friday, January 13, 2012

What? I'm not a Gemini anymore?

I guess this news wasn't that earth shattering, or at least it didn't enter into my consciousness when it hit the January 2011.  There's a thirteenth sign.  It ended up moving around all the other signs.

I'm no longer a Gemini. I'm a Taurus.

My identity is really shaken right now.

Jason can no longer tease me about having multiple personalities.
I can't blame my fits of fancy, changes of mind and all around flakiness on my mercurial nature.

Jason's a Leo.

I'm not supposed to get along with Leos.

At least when I was a Gemini I wasn't, I'll have to look it up, maybe I do now?

See what I mean -- I'm really confused now (I was confused before, but that was part of being a Gemini, now that I'm not a Gemini, I'm confused for a specific reason and that's because I don't know how to be a Taurus).

Although, come to think of it, I have been feeling more stubborn lately.

Thank goodness I'm not the new sign,  Ophiuchus -- I can't even pronounce it (it's not even in spell-check right now -- it's been a year come on spell check people!)

It's 2012, we've lost a planet (at least that news I was up to date on) and we have a new astrological sign...

I'm worried.

Do Taurus's worry?


Rock Chef said...

Well at least I remain a Leo.

No Taureans don't worry, they put their head down and God help anyone that gets in the way :-)

tz said...

hahaha, I kinda like that about
Taureans...whew, at least your identity is safe :D

Rock Chef said...

Both my mom and younger daughter are Taureans... said...

Hmmm I have three close family members who are/were I'm curious.