Sunday, April 22, 2012

I will be a better blogger after May 29th

I suck, I know. School is kicking my beeeehind! It's crunch time....I keep telling my family, I'll be a better mom after May 29th (28th, last day, 29th, our 20th anniversary).  I tell my friends...just wait, just wait, I'll remember birthdays, make casseroles for new babies and for families where loved ones have died, I tell my employer I'll get more organized, I tell my husband, to just hold out until the 28th and I'll pick up the slack and we may even have sex again.  I will also, after May 29th, catch up on all my favorite blogs...I've missed reading you! I've missed writing....but all my writing and reading have been reserved for boring nursing books and articles.  I haven't read a book for fun since January.  Oh, that reminds me, I need to tell book club members I'll be a better participant after May 29th too.

 This is my desk....I have to read and summarize a total of 35 articles and then create a PowerPoint Presentation, teach what I've learned and give a test...also throw in a couple surveys and papers to back up why I am teaching what I am teaching (health promotion in schools and why nurses should do it)....I've read only 15 so far.

The mess from my desk is creeping to my floor...not only do I have all the school stuff on my desk, I have to continue with the day to day paperwork that still comes in from the boys' schools, the mail, the bills, AND my desk is also the dumping ground of stuff that no one else wants to deal yes, it's finding it's way to piles on the floor, because I have no time.

After May 29th, I'll have a clean desk.

Or I'll have a nervous that case, I'll start blogging more regularly 6 weeks after May 29th, assuming they let me out of the in-patient program.

(top picture came from -- never read that blog, it was a google images find, just giving credit)


Rock Chef said...

You are building up a lot of expectations - not least those of your husband! ;-)

Colleen O said...

I was just thinking. Now that I'm out of school for a WHOLE year. . . what's my excuse. Because I have a whole lot of that stuff going on over here. said...

You brave brave woman. Way to go!