Saturday, January 04, 2014

Spending the day in the 'big' city -- Well big city Colorado style

So we spent the day in Denver today and stayed for First Friday. The kids did their normal amount of whining.  They did have fun though, even if they won't completely admit it.

 We walked by Coors Field and Union Station (which was closed for construction) and then stopped by Tattered Cover a very cool Denver book store in Lodo. And what do my kids do -- my non-book-loving-must-have-been-switched-at-birth children do? Well they play on their phones. UGH, I am a failure as a parent.
 Welcome to Colorado, where pot is legal -- should have taken a picture of the line in front too.
 Good plan, especially for those partaking in legal pot (see above), also good for really tired nurses.
 These are cool, mosaiced concrete forms to play checkers and chess.  
 Playing some 'drums' on the 16th street mall
 Denver Pavillions

 Brown Palace Lobby. I've lived here all my life and only just now learned the Brown Palace has nothing to do with Molly Brown, another Brown family -- whadayaknow.

 Trinity Methodist

 So some local news guys were out looking for people to interview about the Broncos. My non-sport-loving son was wearing a Broncos sweatshirt and so they stopped us. We forgot to watch the news last night to see if they were on. Of course even though we live 40 minutes away from downtown, Jake saw one of his class mates as this was happening -- Denver really is a small town.

 First Friday is when the 'art district' (10th and Santa Fe area) open up their galleries and private studios and let people wander in and out and see what's going on in the Denver art scene. There were some pretty neat, beautiful, quirky things. There a bunch of food trucks (of which we did not partake because we were going to Jerusalem's later - awesome and cheap Middle Eastern food).

 So in one of the galleries they had a make up artist who does zombie effects.  Jake decided to have him  paint a 'bite' out of his face.

 Not bad and really gross. When I said, "oh my gosh that's gross"The artist said, "Normally I would take offense, but in this case 'gross' is a compliment"

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dojo dobson said...

I am SO going to copy you ! What a great idea for our little suburbanites. (Then on the Final Friday I should take them down to Franktown to sheer sheep! - you know, to keep them well rounded.)

Martha said...

What a fun thing to do, jake makes a very realistic looking zombie!

molly said...

My resolution is LESS chocolate but I wish is was more


Ros Crawford said...

Great photos ... Looks very much like a city in the UK ... I remember my son (when he was little) made me queue for ages to get one of those wounds on his arm ... then screamed till I washed it off! Kids! Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Our Beautiful World!!

Dorothy said...

First Friday sounds like a fantastic event to have nearby! And that chocolate resolution is one I can definitely succeed at!

Rock Chef said...

Your Big City does not look very big, but not every city has zombie make up available - love it! (Did you know I am writing a zombie novel?)