Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hit my head for the last time!

We have these cabinets above a counter return separating the eating area from the kitchen. They're horrible. Even more horrible then the actual kitchen, they make the space so closed off and block the flow of light and to sound feng shui'y the flow of energy and worse yet if I'm working at that counter and don't watch what I'm doing I bump my head, the kids also have all bumped their heads on it, they are just bad news. Once again, today I bumped my head and THAT WAS IT! They had to go! SO I TOOK THEM DOWN. Well, me and buddy Colleen. It was actually pretty easy, as soon as we were finished, Colleen said, 'oooh, what can we do next!" I was tempted to turn off the electricity and sledge hammer the half wall between the family room and eating area, but that would have been a "Looocey you have some splainin' to do" type of moment. As it was, Jason was not too mad and actually was impressed that the wall wasn't too destroyed.

Surprisingly I have no before pictures, (not even any family gathering pics or parties etc for the past two years, they're that ugly!). Not much foresight on my part, ooops. But here are the 'during' pictures, It'll be a long time before we have any afters....Sigh.

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Gina Grace said...

I have a "before" picture in my head and I love how much more open it is now!

...but where is all the suff that was in those cabinets going to go now?