Saturday, January 20, 2007


Trying to ward off the migraine I woke up with this morning with Excedrin Migraine, coffee and oreos (for the hormonal component, really I'm eventually going to be a nurse, I KNOW things). Jake and Jason got up at 4ish this AM to go SNOWMOBILING. Jake is UBER excited, when I checked in on him last night he was GRINNING in his sleep (adorable). I had my house finally cleaned and somewhat organized and three nights away (two for school and one for bunco) it's like I live in some crack house and my kids will soon be taken away from me. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? So today, in between heading over to my sisters, anti-date night (my turn to host babysitting co-op) and homework (have to finish reading 4 chapters on Microbes, and my lab for next week). I need to clean the house! BIG SIGH. Oh my, I feel the throbbing, must have more oreos and a hot shower, things'll look up after that!

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