Sunday, January 28, 2007

No, I don't Beat My Children

Okay, looks worse in person.....

Zac is one walking injury. I'm hoping it's his age and not some weird undiagnosed balance problem. We were in the ER twice last summer, stitches and MRI. A couple days ago he just fell off his seat at McDonald's and hit his head on the seat behind him. He wasn't even wiggling (that much) HOW DO YOU JUST FALL OFF YOUR CHAIR? Last night, he wanted to fly (cape and all). Jumped off the couch and landed cheek to corner of coffee table. Eight adult witnesses. So THIS time neighbor, who probably doesn't even know she did this, can't make subtle innuendos that I may be harming my very clumsy, adorable, and some what drama queenish child!

Oh, and now to my husband....because I'm just that mad, and thankfully he only reads my blog when I mention there maybe something funny on it, so I am safe to complain! He left his card in the ATM a while back and just realized it yesterday. Calls the company, they 'knew' he had done that and will reissue him a card. He nicely apologizes, I graciously say 'no big deal it can happen to anyone' (btw, never has happened to me, has happened to him twice in the last couple of years). We're having our dinner group and he finds out I had thrown out this bizarre British yeast extract stuff he bought from Cost Plus and we all tried it and it was GROSS. He snaps at me in front of our guests. So I snap back and mention, sheesh, couldn't I get the same "grace" I gave him. (And frankly, gross yeast extract--- ATM card, not equal, his was WORSE). And he says, it's totally different because my throwing away perfectly good food is a BEHAVIORAL PATTERN...yes, I threw away a half eaten pastry left on the counter the other day....I SHOULD have known not to because it was carefully wrapped and I threw away the gross British yeast spread....hmmmm

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Martha said...

Well, if you ever meet my sis, be sure to ask her how she managed to twist her ankle not once, but twice, getting ON to the bar stool at the bar. Some folks are just put together on a blue Monday I suppose? :)

You are so lucky your hubby doesn't read your blog...mine does.