Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Estes Park

Last Sunday we went up to Rocky Mountain National Park, just outside Estes Park. It was beautiful, the weather was perfect, a little overcast, not too hot and the aspen leaves were just turning their brilliant yellow.

goof-balls wouldn't cooperate, so will still have to come up with a Christmas picture.
Ute Trail, above Timberline....it was 40 degrees (74 degrees where we live in the Plains)

We saw some some elk cows hanging out.
Right before going into Estes Park they have this great sign, lots of people stop and take their pictures here. One nice couple asked if I could take their picture, I said no problem and when he handed me their camera he had ARYAN tattood to his arm.....YIKES. I just smiled and took their pictures. I figured it would be a bad time to mention, I'm half Cuban and my husband's family is Jewish. What's weird is they seemed friendly enough. Just normal folk doing some sight seeing. The next couple that asked me to take their picture was Mexican-American couple. We live in a really diverse country. And I for one feel lucky about it.

J thought it pretty darn funny to do stuff that FREAKED me out. I'm not very fond of heights. And some of those mountain roads are SCARY.
After hiking a bit we had lunch in Estes Park at this pizza place who claimed to have Estes Park's #1 Pizza (surprisingly the pizza place down the block and across the street also laid claim to Estes Park's number one pizza). I joked with J and said, we should open a place that said: Estes Park's 6th best pizza, but shorter waiting lines
ok, I am easily amused, particularly by myself.

So this is what we did on Sunday, that and then that evening went over to Colleenos' and celebrated the September birthdays (her oldest, my youngest and another friend's youngest). The kids enjoyed themselves tremendously (she has a trampoline).
J really wanted to take Bionce (his car) on a four wheel drive trail, but we couldn't find one...he'll have to break her in another time (Martha named his new FJ Cruiser Bionce, why? do you ask?...his initials JZ, his car black....get it, get it...I didn't, she actually had to explain it to me---I'm sometimes a dork)
What I should have been doing?
But still got an 88, woo hoo and PASSED MY CHECK OFFS (albeit with some prompting from the professors...like forgetting to loop around the wrist restraint through the buckle....oops).


Martha said...

Beyonce: the beautiful girlfriend of Jay-Z. Bionce: sounds like a lego with a missing part (bioncle).

You are still so new to all things celebrity, I'll cut you some slack. :)

Dodi said...

Beyonce: the correct spelling.

Bionce: what southerners do on a trampoline.

tz said...

see i can't even spell her name correctly...i'm such a dork!