Sunday, October 07, 2007

Amazing Maize Maze

After church today we went to the Botanic Gardens' corn maze at Chatlfield. We had a pretty good time. This year Jason didn't take charge in boss-like fashion and insist we follow the map. The kids, instead, took turns deciding which way we would go.

Which way????? This year's maze was soooo much easier then last year's. Sheesh, you'd think the kids could cook up some more enthusiasm about the obviously posed candid shot...
Typical Colorado day, started out nice and sunny and a cold rain storm moved in and I'm about to hunker down under a down comforter for the night....I'm refusing to turn on the heat because I'm not ready to admit that winter is around the corner. It doesn't feel like we got much of an autumn!

Holy cow, look how tall son #1 is...he's only eight and almost to his dad's shoulder.

Oh...came across a fun know from another blog, linked to another one and then there I was laughing away---not knowing how I got there, hmmmm, a bit like life..okay, rambling and seriously making use of run on sentences.... okay okay, here she is...enjoy...Rocks in My Dryer


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great day! We always love us a good corn maze in the fall.

Our fall has been unbelievable here in our little corner of the midwest. 85 degree days have been the norm. I sure the bottom will fall out soon!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture where they are pointing opposite sums up siblinghood very nicely doesn't it?

Sitting In Silence said...

What great photos and beautiful kids....

Looks like you guys had a wonderful day.

Your 8 year old is like mine...just about as tall as us !!!

Dont they grow up quick ?.

tz said...

yes, it's amazing how warm it's been! here too.

they grow up way too quickly!

totally love the cold...well not bitter 60 degree cold!