Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rehersal Dinner and Wedding

The Wedding

Emily had her Wedding at a Plantation just south of Lahaina. Since my passion, okay, obsession, is decorating, my first picture is not of the actual wedding but the darling way they decorated the house (we spent no time in there, everything took place outside....but still -- how perfectly beachy cottagey can you get!).

Isaac and one of the bride's maids dancing. I asked if he thought she was pretty (because, uh yeah, all Em's brides maids were adorable), he says, "I don't know mom, I was looking at her feet" -- future engineer perhaps?

The view was so beautiful; you could even see humpback whales in the distance. Absolutely a perfect setting for a wedding.

How great would this be if it were your back yard.

Mike and Emily

Emily and her dad (Uncle Bob).

wedding party

Rehearsal Dinner

Uncle Bob and Aunt Laura Jane (LJ)

How could we not be smiling? Emily's getting married, we're in Hawaii, Freakin great views, we're in Hawaii.

LJ and her very good friend Erika.

Never really got that perfect sunset picture... but this one isn't bad.

my cuties

Em and uncle Bob.

Jim and Erika, Erika officiated the wedding.
Okay, I still have loads more pictures to share, will try to get them all blogged shortly, getting back to reality has been, well a chore. Particularly after 11 hours on a plane with an eight and eleven year old...both bored, both annoying. Not to mention I needed to make and emergency trip to the doc because of a horrible rash on my arms and legs. I am allergic to the sun, how much does that suck? Now on steroids and benedryl. Still, it was all worth it, I'd do it again (but with SPF 1,000 and long sleeved shirts).

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Amanda said...

Looks like it was a beautiful wedding! And sounds like you had an awesome trip :)