Sunday, January 16, 2011

we made it!

Friday -- breakfast in Denver, lunch in Seattle (Ivar's -- clam chowder, yum!), dinner over the Pacific and bed in Hawaii. The flight....well let's just say the people around us were less then happy with the boys...but seriously, six hours from Seattle to Hawaii and one outburst of "stop hitting me" and an "I gotta pee wiggle dance" in the chair during a seat belts fastened sign
moment isn't that bad. I'm thinking these guys didn't have children, or their children were of the Stepford kind....mine, not so much (and I am soooo okay with that).

The boys LOVED snorkeling. It took a bit and the fish freaked them out at first but they quickly got the hang of it. Jason can not wait to take them scuba diving -- but not on this trip they're still too young.
When packing our snorkeling gear we realized it had been stored away since 1999....hmmmm, what HAVE we been doing these past eleven years? Now that they're old enough maybe we'll take more vacations like this.

I buried Isaac in the sand....I tried to give him boobies but he was wiggling too much.

The pool at the hotel.

View from the hotel are so feeling sorry for me right now, aren't you.

An attempt at photographing the sunset...will have another chance tomorrow.

Dinner at Maui Taco...oh my gosh, best fish tacos I've ever had...Baja fish taco platter, the yummiest!
Besides taking pictures of the boys, what did I do....well....I finished:

Great book, can't wait to discuss it at book club! Loved that I read about the characters eating clam chowder at Ivar's after we ate clam chowder at Ivar's.
Then when I finished, I was able to download this:

at poolside at the hotel...I so love my Nook! Funny book, an aside here. A few years back ( BC - before children) we were playing Taboo with some friends. I got the word Dracula and I was so psyched when I realized that Bram Stoker was not on the 'do not say' list so I said it and no one freakin' got it. The same thing happened to the author of this is delightful to know I am not the only person this has happened to.
Pretty much went from crying during the first book to laughing out loud in the second, at poolside, people were moving from their chairs and whispering to their children....just kidding, I was appropriately reserved.
Today Whale Watching....yay.


Amanda said...

Ooo... a new book for me to download! The second one, that is -- I make it a practice to read comedic stuff mostly. Too long working for lawyers or something... :)

What an awesome vacation!!

Colleen O said...

Although just about everything about Hawaii is wonderful - the whales are really over the top wonderful! I hope you get super close - it's emosewa!

Black rock yet? Did they dive down, hold onto the rocks long enough to hear the whales singing? ...SIGH .... ;)