Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Blink" at the Denver Art Museum

The kids are on their three week Spring break. This will all change next year when Jake goes to middle school and Isaac's school goes to the traditional schedule. Anyhow, I want to do one excursion a week so that I know that they aren't watching TV and playing video games the WHOLE TIME. Last week we met Jason downtown, had lunch and saw Blink at the Denver Art Museum
Lunch at Cap City Grill, across the street from the museum. We started outside, but it was just on this side of too chilly so we moved inside. The wait staff, who happened to be related to the owners, were very nice about it. The waitress had a brood of children herself, thus, most likely, the patience she exhibited when dealing with us.
Yeah, he's thrilled to be spending the day with his family at the art museum. I find myself thinking, yet again, "He'll thank me later".
The library, it's one of my favorite buildings downtown.

Before you get to the actual exhibit there's are activities for the kids. You can do flip books and a couple of other things that have technical terms that I can't remember. Pre-technology methods of showing movement.
One of the first exhibits and one of my favorites, it was a room of lit numbers and words moving around the room. I liked that you could see your 'shadow' against the wall and the lit images just went around you. Then you'd look at each other and see the images on your face...but not the actual image, just the pixels (at least I think that's the correct word).
not a great picture, but I think you can get the idea.

This was fun, it's on the ceiling and you can hear the tapping and see the tap dance from this angle.

All in all, I enjoyed the day with the family and the exhibit. Jake even cracked a smile and seemed interested at times.


Rock Chef said...

The library is a strange looking building - looks like a cartoon! said...

Cracking a smile is more difficult with some than others, right?

Looks like fun!

tz said...

RC-- I hadn't thought of that but yes, you're right.
Tracey -- oh my yes...I so hope it's just him being eleven and this too shall pass...