Saturday, June 04, 2011

my funny husband.....again

Jason's got the doors to the fridge open, peering in, moving stuff around looking for something and asking if I bought some 1/2 &1/2 for the coffee.  I asked when I was supposed to have done that since I worked 5pm last night until 4am this morning.

He says, "Fi--iiinnne, I guess I'll just do it myself later"
I say, "can you think of something for dinner and cook it too?"
He says, "No problem,  some people can organize their time more efficiently"
I say, "because you're Superman?"
He says, without missing a beat (how does he do that!?) "no, I just look like superman"

oh, he's wearing dorky engineer jeans, leather belt, Merril sandles and a t-shirt.

On the floor laughing
the look on his face pretty much said, I shouldn't have been laughing THAT hard.


Rock Chef said...

Hm, I guess he asked for that!

Minka said...

I love that your husband is funny. Mine doesn't look like Batman, but he thinks he's batman. Or rather, he WISHES he was batman. Sometimes I wish he were batman too. Then we'd have all that cool batman shit, like the hot car with all the gadgets, a mansion with a secret cave, and a Butler named Alfred. I could really use a freakin' Butler, let me tell ya.

So good that you guys can still laugh/with each other! Without laughter, marriage becomes... divorce!

tz said...

RC he totally did
Minka..what is it with men thinking they are super heros...and yes a bat man car would be very cool, but not as cool as wonderwoman's invisible jet...just sayin'