Tuesday, June 28, 2011

text conversations between busy parents

It was one of those days where both the boys had two different activities and Jason and I had to divide and conquer.  We did text each other to keep the other informed how well the kiddos were doing in their respective sport -- Jake was playing baseball, and Isaac was at a swim meet, I was with Isaac.

Here's what our text-conversation looked like:

Jason:  Top of the first our team three points
Me: Isaac did well in the butterfly, not quite sure if he placed 2nd or 3rd.
Jason: Bottom of the 1st, Jake is in right field.
Jason: they got 3, we're now 4 to 3
Jason: Jake up to bat, he struck out
Me: ugh
Jason: that was quick we're up again, Jake in R field again.
Me: Isaac just finished a relay they were behind and Isaac got them to second doing free stroke (okay, I might be exaggerating here, he helped get them into second place, but probably not the sole reason they got there)
Jason: up to bat again, Jake got a double and two RBI's (run batter in)
Jason: Tell Isaac good job.
Jason: Our kids are awesome
Me: They are
Jason: We must be great parents
Me: We so are, we should write parenting books and get awards and stuff
Jason: LOL, Jake up to bat again, got a single and two more RBI's.
Me: Oh crap, we need to hold off on that parenting book, I lost Isaac.
Jason: Well find him, you're making me look bad.
Me: Found him, he was practicing.  Whew, we're good parents again.
Jason: We're at 20 now they only have 4
Me: Yay, this is one of the better teams on the league, they won both games this season (we're in the playoffs right now)
Jason: cool isn't it.
Me: damn it I lost Isaac again
Me: found him.
Jason: Jake's up to pitch
Me: I hate it when he pitches,  I hope he does well
Jason: Not so much
Me: So glad I'm not there, I'd be going nuts pacing.
Jason: oooh, 4th walk, not doing well
Me: Isaac about to do the IM.
Jason: One of the batters hit, they've gotten a couple over home.
Me: Hey, we'll be finished around same time, want to meet at Tokyo Joes?
Jason: Yeah sounds great.
Jason: He struck out the last batter they're done, 27-7 us...whoo hoo
Me: oh, phew I'll forgive him the four walks then.
Me: Isaac didn't do that great on IM but his stamina so much better then last year and HE'S EIGHT.
Jason: All parents should be like us
Me: no kidding, and humble like us too.

Isaac three second place and one first place
Jake, they won the game, went on to when another on Sunday and now are in the championship game in a couple of weeks (he struck out 10 in 5 innings, walked one and hit one of the boys with a ball so he walked too -- but hey he's eleven)


Gina Grace said...

I can't believe Isaac is such a champ swimmer already! I swear it was just the other day that I went to the pool with him in DC and we practiced blowing bubbles in the water...

At the time, Jose and I were swimming a lot... prepping for that triathlon. I haven't really been exercising since. I guess I can't keep thinking "I just did that triathlon, I deserve a day off..." huh?

Rock Chef said...

Good stuff, so long as they are having fun.

I hate it when parents get over competitive. One school sports day a parent insisted that 6 year olds re-run the egg and spoon race because he said the winner (not his daughter) had cheated! You would have thought it was a world championship or something!

And yes, you should write a parenting book - it would be hilarious!

ganelle said...

Love it! (and a great thing to record- it really does speak to a place in life, doesn't it?)

Dodi said...

I love this. Divide and Conquer never sounded like so much fun!