Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My funny husband.....again

So Jason's reading my last blog entry and giggling.  It wasn't that funny so I ask him what's up.  He says, "Tracey, I have a confession -- all the pictures from the camping trip are off the 'net', the only ones I took were of the boys"

So I say, "You decided to tell me now? Instead of when I was complimenting you on how great those pictures were, how you caught that bee with the flowers at just the right time, how you framed those white flowers with the lake in the background?"

Oh my gosh, I thought he took a turn in the observing beauty department and was trying to capture it.

I was wrong.

He's my computer geek husband who goes out to the internet to find pictures to add on to the ones he took.

And only tells me because I posted them all over blog land and Facebook.

Soooo, I have no idea where he found these pictures and can't give credit, so whoever took the pictures, you did a wonderful job!

oooh, two posts in August, I'm on a roll.


Rock Chef said...

I guess that is what you call "virtual tourism"?

Amanda said...

Bless their hearts, sometimes they can make you crazy! And then there are the children... LOL

Congrats on the school nurse job by the way -- awesome!