Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's been forever

I have not been blogging lately, but I've been really really busy and have the pictures to prove it.....But what's been keeping me really busy, well besides, children, home, school and work is....extra work.  I finally landed my dream job as a school nurse.  So excited about that, still get to do nursy stuff, get to hang out with kiddos (OMG they are so cute when you get a group of them together and they try to diagnose each other), build up my assessment skills (getting a health history from a six year old is...well...challenging).  Anyhooo, when I went to quit my dialysis gig (which was an awesome gig, loved dialysis, the schedule just sucks for being a mom with two active kiddos), the look on my boss's face was so forlorn.  I do believe I started channeling my Catholic grandmother and I offered to work Saturdays and holidays (WTF --uh, okay that would not be my Catholic grandmother).  As the words were coming out of my mouth my brain was screaming up a storm, "stop stop you idiot".  My friend Martha (who helped me get school nursing gig) was nice enough to claim that I did this a just in case the school thing didn't work out or if I was just subbing dialysis would help supplement.  But Martha thinks I'm smarter then I am...it was purely, "ohmygoshpeoplearegoingtobemadatme  AND gasp, mightnotlikeme" angst.  I'm soooo over that (I think) and when I've finished my agreed upon Saturdays in September (by the way will have worked 9 Saturdays in a freakin' row!) I will gladly say, "I'm really quitting this time.

Our neighbor's daughter (and the kids' babysitter) got married this summer and Jake was asked to be in the wedding  Oh my gosh he was so cute in his tux and the wedding was gorgeous.  Kate was a beautiful bride.
 Dressing up for the rehearsal dinner
James Bond's got nothin' on Jake!

 Jake and the father-of-the-bride, Tom
 Jake and the two flower girls, he can't even touch them because they're girls!
 Jake and the groom, Brian

 Oh my gosh they're so stinkin' cute.  They're Kate's cousins
 a jar full of jelly bellies, cute party favor
 I hardly got any pictures of the bride...but here's Isaac dancing with Kate.
 Isaac dancing with the mother-of-the-bride
 Isaac dancing with a flower girl
Isaac dancing with his dad

Isaac likes to dance

Also in the last month, Isaac got his Orange Belt in Karate.  Orange is the second earned belt in the dojo where he attends.
For Jake's 12th birthday he wanted a camping trip with his friends.  But it had to be a hike in and camp, not car camping (that's for sissies -- by the way, I'm such a sissy that I only camp in hotel rooms).  They went to Mohawk Lake.  

 Jake and his two buddies starting their hike in.

 Upper Mohawk Lake
Continental Falls

So what's in store for us in the Autumn months?  Well we got a bunch of retaining wall brick delivered to our house and we're redoing the back yard.  Unfortunately all our Saturdays are filled with me working and Jason carting around the kids that this may be more difficult then I originally thought....Jason did then the brick moved to the back yard at least.

Anyone want to volunteer to help?

One post in August.....not bad?  Unlike Colleen who is going to make an effort to blog more....I am not making any promises (oh and Colleen, I got that email, but your last post was in July......).


Rock Chef said...

Good to see you back!

School Nurse sounds like a great job! Well done!

Hoping to see more posts from you soon!

Martha said...

Just remember....two words that are a soon-to-be-here sanity saver: FALL BREAK. Followed by another sanity saver: WINTER BREAK. Can you imagine what it will be like to host your Christmas Eve extravaganze knowing that not only do you not have to work that day, but you don't have to work the entire week AFTER? Tell that grief strikin' dialysis boss "It's been real!"...you are now the darling of the district nurses! They will keep you busy because you are able to channel that inner Catholic guilt and say YES to any assignment they offer you....which no matter how crazy it is, the bell still rings before 3:30 and we are outta there! xoxo

OHN said...

Loved all the pix...but I have to admit my favorite was the one "not touching" the girls. :-)