Monday, September 26, 2011

Boreas Pass -- Fall Foliage

Yesterday we took a trip to the mountains to see the fall foliage.  Colorado doesn't get that really pretty variety of color you'd see on the East Coast but we do get mountain sides of gorgeous golden Aspen and it's worth a day trip.

 Found some friendly horses in Como off of Hwy 285.

 Going up the pass, eastern part of the Divide.
This pass is a dirt road and closed November to June.  Might I add a warning ladies, if you decide to do this, wear a sports bra....just sayin'.

 Jason pretending he's falling off the side of the mountain.  He thinks he's so funny.
 At the top of Boreas pass, Continental Divide.  This is a section of the old railroad that originally went over this Pass.  We're at timberline.  It was a good 25 degrees colder then Denver.

 I will most likely never get these two to smile at the same time.  
 Most of my pictures are like this!
If only.....
 My hubby is so cute....
Before the railroad this was a wagon trail for settlers and Gold Rush guys....I'm so glad I'm not a pioneer...and now I know why my ancestors stayed in look at that mountain range and I'd be saying, 'no thanks, that's fine, I'll stay right here thankyouverymuch!'.

I think he's smiling because his brother is not in the picture with him.  Maybe Christmas pictures this year will be two separate pictures of the boys.

 West side of the Divide.  On the way to Breckenridge.
And we ended the day at our favorite Breckenridge eatery, The Motherload.

Even though it's not quite in the 'city' it was Sunday, I linked up here:

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Rock Chef said...

Great photos - what a great place, and great photos of the family.

There is so much to see in the US - every time I see something like this I want to add it to my trip!

tz said...

you could spend months here and not see everything...of course you can say that about England too. If you do make it west let me know we can show you around!

Claudya Martinez said...

Oh, it doesn't have to be in the "city" I just happen to live in a city so it was a convenient name. It's beautiful there and so is your family.