Wednesday, December 21, 2011

year in review - Christmas Letter supplement

There's so much I missed in our Christmas letter like my mother-in-law finding her birth-family, meeting them AND they like each other.


Before Meeting New Family

I don't think I ever posted about what happened.  So, they never wrote back, I never put in the letter when in the summer Sher was coming, so they had plenty of time.  The brother that received the letter believed it right away.  He shared with another brother, who did not.  They took it to their father (their mother had already died), their father is the man their mother married after Sher was born.  He confirmed it.  All this happened before Sher knocked on the brother's door.

So, Sher knocks on the door, brother, Paul answers and knows immediately who she is because she looks just like their mother.  Tears flowed, hugs were given and an impromptu reunion happened the next weekend where Sher met one sister and three brothers (the mother and one other sister had passed away).  Sher couldn't have been happier.

Her sister Maryanne came out for a visit last fall.  She's wonderful, and confirms that humor must be hereditary.  Two of Sher's brothers are coming out in January and we're looking forward to meeting them.  During the investigation of family, Sher found out she has cousins in Wyoming and she and her sister (who also had never met these cousins) went up to visit them.

The boys babysitter got married this past summer.  Nothing makes you feel old like attending the wedding of your kids' babysitter.  She was a beautiful bride and it was great to see her marry such a wonderful man.  Unfortunately, we have to find a new babysitter. They asked Jake to be a ring bearer and he got to wear a tux.  He loved that.
Kate getting married

Jason's cousin also got married this year.  We're so happy she chose Hawaii because not only was it wonderful to see the beautiful and talented Emily get married, it was great to have a family vacation in one of the more beautiful places on earth!
Emily Getting Married

Fort lots of pictures of Hawaii, just click on to January on the side tab....

Kid stuff:
lego qualifying tourney
Karate tourney #2
baseball and swimming, same day
karate tourney #1
championship game
Jake pitching

My friends are so funny:
One of the best pranks ever was played on me this still makes me laugh thinking about it

my funny friends

Enjoy the year in review...and hope to hear from you all in the coming year!

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Claudya Martinez said...

Wow, attending the babysitter's wedding does seem to put time passing into perspective. Perhaps you could provide a babysitter when she needs one if she decides to have kids.